Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mad for Madmen


Madmen has been released for streaming on Netflix, it is set back in the 60’s but it is actually a pretty good show.  Sexist, and a few times racist, but entertaining – all the time.

I fall in love with the characters and then they make me mad, what a ride this show.

I’m up to Season 3, my friend Maria and I are doing it in tandem so we have someone to talk about it with.  Join us!


I also saw:

the kids are alright


Did you know Yaya (from America’s Next Top Model) is in the movie?  I’m always late to the party so I might just be the last one to know, typical.

movie system

It is really good (it was up for an Oscar, duh) definitely a 3+.

If you saw this movie, tell me how you felt about Mark Ruffalo?  I was digging him, his persona, his character was like the boy next door.  It was like you really knew him and he wasn’t even acting.  Go Mark!

He said something during a dinner scene about Life being hard enough without picking on each other.  I wish I had wrote the line down, it was simple and that good.


We had a minor earthquake today.  Shook us up over here on the East Coast, unsettling there for a minute.

I intended to do the math earlier, but it is exactly 14 days until the kiddos return to school.

Thank heavens!

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