Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life is rough, yo, for reals.


image from the iphone driving home tonight

Yesterday, the radio DJ (Jonesy) said that she couldn’t relate to LaLa’s Full Court a new reality show.

Now Jonesy is messy (gossipy), so I normally don’t tune in because she can be soooo about the drama and I just don’t need that in the AM (or PM for that matter).  But that particular morning, I was flipping through commercials and she was sincerely choked up.  I was intrigued, gossipy queen in tears, do tell?

What I remember the most from her breakdown is this: Please don’t preach to me about how hard it is to be married to a popular, millionaire NBA star.  Tell me more about your struggles, trials, obstacles in life and how you found the spirit & strength to move on and reach new goals.

Basicly, she wanted to be inspired.  Me too:)  Don’t we all!!!

And over that segment, I felt normal.  I think sometimes life gets so mundane we get lost in the shuffle.  I know I have felt that way for the last month.  Just blech and filled with wants, and I don’t haves, oh woe is me.  Shut up Tiffany.  Am I having a midlife crisis at 39, if so, ugh.  Get over yourself.  This is the debate in my head, almost daily.

I’m working on my inspiration book to myself though, I will survive.


In other news, Kya’s face got a whole lot worse before it got better.  Just 2 days left though  before the stiches are removed, all the swelling is down (over the weekend it looked awful)  But the aloe vera plant is ready for squeezing and healing.  BRING IT ON!

And about that broken scale.  I blame Amanda and her easy-to-follow, normal ingredients, minimal dishes recipes.  And her photography, ain’t bad Winking smileThis is her Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream Pie (Oh my!) …I added the oh my!


I used regular icecream, mixed with chunky peanut butter – the chunky was the bizness!!


Using icecream, it doesn’t have to freeze as long to firm up and still taste delicious. 2 bowl, 2 spoons clean up.


Damn you Amanda.

Keep on trucking Chicas, life has its up & downs (apparently,  I do too)  But thanks for sticking with me for the ride.

P.S.  Seriously, September tomorrow, WTF! ok, this is a PG blog, WTH?

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