Thursday, August 11, 2011

In the kitchen



This hangs right by the doorway to the garage.  I still smile, cause it’s still true.


Turkey bacon. Meaty turkey bacon. I prefer this kind, my sister likes the thinner, odd textured kind, that’s not as meaty.  Its not yummy salty pork bacon, but it’ll do.  We’re a pork free home.

My kids will eat anything wrapped in bacon.  BLTlicious tonight.  Quick and easy, plus I’m pretty sure the last time I used the grille I left it on that’s why the grilled chicken salad was postponed.


I’m on a somewhat grown up breakfast cereal, one day I’ll grow up to grown up  bread.   But for now, it’s still Stroehmann potato, a Pennsylvania original, yummmm.


Tonight, crispy rice treats.  I think this brand is vegan safe, not that we’re vegans.


This BIG BOX of Krispies was in the pantry, with that little bit of cereal in the box, grrrrr, fortunately, there was some Chex around to save the day.


Of course, I added some sprinkles for my favorite girl.

I told Kya she was my favorite girl , she was flattered “Me? I’m your favorite girl?”   Silly Kya. 

Lately she’s been Question Kya, to the tune of say 75 questions a DAY noone wants to watch a movie with her…It’s actually pretty funny.

And of course, the $@#&!!! table update, I did a lil more sanding today… you can see the scratches on the top of the surface.


Its still a little damp in this photo, from wiping away the sanding dust so it doesn’t look AS bad.  It is getting better, I guess.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll figure something out.

30 mins, TGIF baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be safe Chicas :)

Thanks for dropping in on my random, hoping to have a craft/home dec tutorial this weekend.  Yay!

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