Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Have you personally ever had facebook drama?  I have heard about it, but I’ve never been involved.  Until now.  uggggh.

It was July 24th to be exact, I received an “odd” comment on my profile pic.  See for yourself.  I tried my bestest to scratch out names and photos but also leave you some info so you get the jest.


Also, Keep in mind I do not fb a lot, on average about an hour or 2 a month – TOPS. {I cut it down a lot, especially after reading this.}

What do you think about that comment from Ms. Fulfillment?

I was stumped.  It took me 9 days to respond.  What does one say to that?  In street terms, I felt like “she was coming for me”, you’ve heard it before “They fighting words!” 

In all honestly, my first instinct was to respond with a candid remark about her hair.  I wanted to.  But numero uno, I’m a lady and I truly believe ‘a good example preaches a powerful sermon’ so a smart alec comment just would not do. 

After 9 days and some periodic thought, I wrote back to Ms. Fulfillment and I am still a bit tickled(heehee) about my bazinga.  It feels like I got a good one ‘in’ while remaining positive.

What do YOU think? 

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