Monday, August 1, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Have you ever been to the movies alone.

How about dining alone (is that the same as dining alfresco?)

I do it frequently.  Not like weekly or even monthly, but when I get a moment to myself, need to clear my head, or a lil’ time to just do me, I most certainly will go grab a bite and hit a movie, solo.

It all started after a fight with Haikeem many, many moons ago.  We lived in Philly, and I had nothing to do and very little dinero, but needed to get.out  I hopped on a bus, rode until it stopped in front of movie “feeder” (per Kya) and decided, Why not? 

A love was born.

crazy stupid love

I don’t do horror films – ever.   Thrillers, could go either way, depends on the premise and if The Sleepyhead Husband will go with me. 

But Crazy Stupid Love was like a good chic lit book – romance, drama, comedy, chemistry.  It was goooood, I give it 3 outta 4 stars.   For me it got a lil slow after the jaw dropper early on, but it picked up and finished pretty good.

Here is my mental grading system:

movie system

I also found this 6 second review guy on moviefone that agrees with a lot of my sentiments.  I am luvn that I can tune him in to see if I want to spend $10 and get an answer in ummm, 6 seconds.  Yea baby, that’s time of my life I can’t get back.

So far we (me and 6 second review guy) agree on all the movies I’ve seen this Summer:

Cars 2 (no, too many concepts going on for Kya)

Transformers (no, fell asleep, graphics are good, but I lost track of who was who, and what was what, huh.  My son loved it though)

Hangover 2 (no, we walked out, that bad)

Bad Teacher (no, I chuckled a few times, but $1 Redbox would have sufficed)

Super 8 (yes, yes, yes, edge of my seat, squeezing my sons arm)

I consider myself a movie buff, ok maybe not but I enjoy the cinema (I’m so fancy) and the super greasy overpriced popcorn they serve, mmm mmm.

But if you need a really, really good date nite movie – See Crazy Stupid Love.  Definitely see it if your married with children. 

Here’s a thought, I bet there are blogs about movie reviews? But do they have a fancy rating system like mine?  NOT! 

chuckle chuckle.

Next up is The Help, comes out Friday…so hurry you still have time to read the book and catch the movie. 

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