Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life is rough, yo, for reals.


image from the iphone driving home tonight

Yesterday, the radio DJ (Jonesy) said that she couldn’t relate to LaLa’s Full Court a new reality show.

Now Jonesy is messy (gossipy), so I normally don’t tune in because she can be soooo about the drama and I just don’t need that in the AM (or PM for that matter).  But that particular morning, I was flipping through commercials and she was sincerely choked up.  I was intrigued, gossipy queen in tears, do tell?

What I remember the most from her breakdown is this: Please don’t preach to me about how hard it is to be married to a popular, millionaire NBA star.  Tell me more about your struggles, trials, obstacles in life and how you found the spirit & strength to move on and reach new goals.

Basicly, she wanted to be inspired.  Me too:)  Don’t we all!!!

And over that segment, I felt normal.  I think sometimes life gets so mundane we get lost in the shuffle.  I know I have felt that way for the last month.  Just blech and filled with wants, and I don’t haves, oh woe is me.  Shut up Tiffany.  Am I having a midlife crisis at 39, if so, ugh.  Get over yourself.  This is the debate in my head, almost daily.

I’m working on my inspiration book to myself though, I will survive.


In other news, Kya’s face got a whole lot worse before it got better.  Just 2 days left though  before the stiches are removed, all the swelling is down (over the weekend it looked awful)  But the aloe vera plant is ready for squeezing and healing.  BRING IT ON!

And about that broken scale.  I blame Amanda and her easy-to-follow, normal ingredients, minimal dishes recipes.  And her photography, ain’t bad Winking smileThis is her Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream Pie (Oh my!) …I added the oh my!


I used regular icecream, mixed with chunky peanut butter – the chunky was the bizness!!


Using icecream, it doesn’t have to freeze as long to firm up and still taste delicious. 2 bowl, 2 spoons clean up.


Damn you Amanda.

Keep on trucking Chicas, life has its up & downs (apparently,  I do too)  But thanks for sticking with me for the ride.

P.S.  Seriously, September tomorrow, WTF! ok, this is a PG blog, WTH?

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday, I went out for a walk cause my scale is broken. 

{Anyone else’s scale report a good 15 pounds more than you think appropriate.  Ugh.  So a walk it is.}

It was at my front that I saw my tree starting to bloom. 

It’s a crepe myrtle, it was on my wish list since last year.  $112 bucks I got quoted, so it had to wait.  My friend saw them being clearance for $22 and msgd me, luv friends, luv txt msging. 


One Saturday, I planted her all by myself and I had to dig a good sized hole!!!  The Hubbs offered to help, but I am woman here me ROAR.  Truth is, we were in a fight, I was on some ‘I don’t need you energy.’

And I did it.  I put the dirt back, recovered with mulch.  It actually felt good.  I was sweaty and FUNKY.  But I did it. 

A downpour of rain followed that Sunday and all the leaves dried up and fell off.  And she was a Charlie Brown tree within in a week, boo.  I don’t know much about gardening, was I to take it back? should I wait til next Spring see if it comes back? what to do?  It was only $22 bucks, so I figured I’d wait it out. 


So when I saw all the bloom yesterday, alls I could do was smile.  I walked right over and took some pics. 

Life will surely have it’s ups and downs, but without the rain, there would be no rainbow.

I’m glad I didn’t panic and waited this one out.  Life’s simple pleasures.

Rollercoaster day


Thursday, I was on PTO for the day. 

It started out terrible rainy then opened up to sunshine.  I was happy for the sun cause it made the funeral for my sweet neighbor a bit easier to swallow.

A heart-attack is to blame.  Clogged arteries on a healthy, fit man, some odd hereditary genes he had and didn’t even know it.  His best friend did such a light-hearted warm memorial, the tears were all while smiling. 


That night, my Kya tried some fancy flip in the kitchen and it left a woundtoo open to heal by itself.  So I prepared a bag for the ER, jackets, books, toys.  My oldest son shed a tear, and my youngest boy & sister both asked to go.  Kya chose her brother.


I drove on the wrong road to get her there (goofball? nerves?).  We were not waiting 15 minutes and they slid us in to Urgent Care.


7 stitches later :(

It took every ounce of me not to cry.  {Deep Deep Deep Deep breaths}

I was sure it would only lead to more tears from the kids so I turned my head and breathed in deeply and hugged her so tight.  

She only cried when they applied the anesthesia to the wound before the sutures.  She was so tickled about getting a treat after she made it all the way through. Brave brave girl.

The staff was really good at making such a tough experience better.


At the end of the day, I still wanna cry, major softie.  But then I think of how THANKFUL I am for having a car to get there, health insurance to help pay and good doctors and modern medicine to get us through.  It could have been so much worse.




Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mad for Madmen


Madmen has been released for streaming on Netflix, it is set back in the 60’s but it is actually a pretty good show.  Sexist, and a few times racist, but entertaining – all the time.

I fall in love with the characters and then they make me mad, what a ride this show.

I’m up to Season 3, my friend Maria and I are doing it in tandem so we have someone to talk about it with.  Join us!


I also saw:

the kids are alright


Did you know Yaya (from America’s Next Top Model) is in the movie?  I’m always late to the party so I might just be the last one to know, typical.

movie system

It is really good (it was up for an Oscar, duh) definitely a 3+.

If you saw this movie, tell me how you felt about Mark Ruffalo?  I was digging him, his persona, his character was like the boy next door.  It was like you really knew him and he wasn’t even acting.  Go Mark!

He said something during a dinner scene about Life being hard enough without picking on each other.  I wish I had wrote the line down, it was simple and that good.


We had a minor earthquake today.  Shook us up over here on the East Coast, unsettling there for a minute.

I intended to do the math earlier, but it is exactly 14 days until the kiddos return to school.

Thank heavens!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

They create the need.



Marketing ads, commercials, magazines, catalogues.  They create the need.  Because in some cases you didn’t even think you “needed it” until you heard about it or saw how AWESOME it was presented to you. 

I heard that phrase this past week on MADMEN (its on Netflix), the phrase resonated with me.  I lived the past 10 years purchasing a lot of these so called needs, and even worse, I made the purchases on credit.  I’m paying for it now.  So, word to the wise, be careful there, because those marketing peeps are good.  It’s actually a good show, you can watch the first 5 seasons on demand if you have Netflix streaming. Did I just create another need?

I also read a really good blog post this week about how bloggers can create the need or feelings of inadequacy, even though that is NOT their intention.  You should read it if you’ve ever felt envy of someone else’s life,  blog, car, shoes, well anything. 

I read this quote and if I find it I will share it, but basicly it says you can’t compare your one self against the variety of all the world.

I’ll step down off my soap box now.


In much lighter news, me and the kiddos have been cleaning the kitchen at night listening to tunes on youtube.  It gives me a chance to listen (and cringe) to what they’re listening to.

Kya is infatuated with Nikki Minaj Super Bass.  Then I noticed that there was someone else singing the song with 1M hits.  I like that this version is clean!

superbass cover (clean)

I thought I was doing something when I showed my 12 year old this video and tried to explain a cover.  He proceed to show me a good 3-4 covers with 1M+ hits - catch up MOM, ya old bat!

Apparently, it’s the business on youtube.  DUH.

But whatever you do, don’t play Beyonce, Best Thing I Never Had Video for your kiddos…she has taken the whole no clothes thing to a new level.  I kid you not, sales must be slow. 

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Salty & Sweet



I didn’t get around to my original craft.  After I had Kya paint these frames, I hated the color, argh!  I also couldn’t find my inspiration photo.  But I’m already in the process of working on a new plan.

But because it rained A LOT, and we were stuck indoors A LOT, and I didn’t sew A STITCH - Kya and I made some yummy salty and sweet, chocolate pretzels.


It’s 4 ingredients and 30 minutes easy.  If you’re interested, keep scrolling…


Vegetable oil is missing from this photograph. 

Also, if your picky, you might want to get milk chocolate morsels, not the semi-sweet, which I think is more like dark chocolate.  Semi-sweet is fine for cookies, but I taste a difference with the pretzels.


Measure a cup of chips in a microwaveable dish that is somewhat narrow so it will have some depth for dipping. 

Add 1-2 teaspoons of vegetable oil to make it smooooooth and creamy.

Have your little helper sort out the whole pretzels from the others and then dip in chocolate then sprinkles, repeat, dip in chocolate then sprinkles, repeat, dip in chocolate then sprinkles, repeat, dip in chocolate then sprinkles, repeat, dip in chocolate then sprinkles, repeat, dip in chocolate then sprinkles, repeat,dip in chocolate then sprinkles, repeat, dip in chocolate then sprinkles, repeat, dip in chocolate then sprinkles, repeat, …you get my drift, yes?



I’m obsessed with the sprinkles lately :)

We ran out of whole pretzels, so we just started dipping anything left in the bag ‘til we ran out of chocolate.

The pieces were not as pretty, but they taste just fine!



Only 3 dirty dishes was a nice bonus to spending a lil QT with my kiddo.


The end.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quit with the Fall stuff already

As I’ve stated before – I luv Summer, it’s my favorite season.

chalk board


However, since school will be starting soon, some stores are getting the Fall stuff out (and right after will be the Christmas stuff).

So, I wanted to remind you all to start saving your jars (mayo, jelly, applesauce –Motts has really good ones), so we can make these!


I forget where I saw the tutorial, but looks simple enough.  And the children will love it :)

It’s raining here, and I’m actually not even blue about it.  Gives me a minute to slow it down, and even sew, haven’t done that in ever.

Ok, I gotta date with my VCR and sewing machine.   

Friday, August 12, 2011




I’m not a huge fan of Jay-Z.  I do dig that he is self made, extremely smart and good with money.  But I wish he’d give back more and not rhyme about material things so much…I guess it’s the Mom in me.

Now, I do enjoy Kanye, sometimes, when he has something to say.  I get the vibe that he is not just a mule, he followed his dream, I dig that, a lil cocky, but I can work with him.  My favorite of his is with Adam Levine from Maroon 5, “Heard ‘Em Say”….nothings ever promised tomorrow or today.  One of my all time FAVORITES.

But I LUV their new single together, OtisAnd between the two, they have some good one liners:


‘Photo shoot fresh, Looking like wealth, I’m about to call the paparazzi on myself’

Cracks me up everytime!  Jay is good for a one-liner.


‘I made “Jesus Walks” I’m never going to hell’

A rap song about Jesus was daring, you must admit. 

Anyhoo, it’s in stores, I did buy the single from itunes, $1.29 baby, my Momma would say, “if the price is right, the deal is real”  Purchasing singles vs. album, best music invention EVER. 

Check it out, lemme know what you think.

Nelson out.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

In the kitchen



This hangs right by the doorway to the garage.  I still smile, cause it’s still true.


Turkey bacon. Meaty turkey bacon. I prefer this kind, my sister likes the thinner, odd textured kind, that’s not as meaty.  Its not yummy salty pork bacon, but it’ll do.  We’re a pork free home.

My kids will eat anything wrapped in bacon.  BLTlicious tonight.  Quick and easy, plus I’m pretty sure the last time I used the grille I left it on that’s why the grilled chicken salad was postponed.


I’m on a somewhat grown up breakfast cereal, one day I’ll grow up to grown up  bread.   But for now, it’s still Stroehmann potato, a Pennsylvania original, yummmm.


Tonight, crispy rice treats.  I think this brand is vegan safe, not that we’re vegans.


This BIG BOX of Krispies was in the pantry, with that little bit of cereal in the box, grrrrr, fortunately, there was some Chex around to save the day.


Of course, I added some sprinkles for my favorite girl.

I told Kya she was my favorite girl , she was flattered “Me? I’m your favorite girl?”   Silly Kya. 

Lately she’s been Question Kya, to the tune of say 75 questions a DAY noone wants to watch a movie with her…It’s actually pretty funny.

And of course, the $@#&!!! table update, I did a lil more sanding today… you can see the scratches on the top of the surface.


Its still a little damp in this photo, from wiping away the sanding dust so it doesn’t look AS bad.  It is getting better, I guess.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll figure something out.

30 mins, TGIF baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be safe Chicas :)

Thanks for dropping in on my random, hoping to have a craft/home dec tutorial this weekend.  Yay!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The weekend with Hubba



La La Luv him and his icky sticky fingers.  Muah!


When I know Kya least expects it, I add sprinkles to her breakfast.  They make her cheeeeese.    Just what she needs, extra sugar.

When breakfast was over, she said “this was the best breakfast ever,” she was feeling the love.  I try folks, I try.

On Friday, I went to the thrift (Goodwill) and scored a few goods.


This apothecary jar  was $2…the cute fancy lid is missing from the shot and guess what else, it’s already broken!  I don’t even get  upset, so glad I found Goodwill.


These two, 50c each, they are pretty tall but no lids. 

If they had lids, wouldn’t they be perfect for rice, macaronis, etc…instead they will probably house crayons, markers, craft or kid stuff.


And this frame, big, chunky, wood - $4.97, not even Walmart can beat that.  It was a portrait, but I painted over it in yellows and white.  I plan to paint the frame white too.  No idea what will fill the frame? but me and yellow are still vibing. 

Painting is very relaxing, try it.

Oh, an update on the table….Day 2


I sanded the spots and it doesn’t look as noticeable as yesterday.  I will sand a bit more tomorrow…Until then.

(Notice how I am remembering to take photos (2 pts), but not cleaning up for the shot (-2 pts).  That’s how I roll folks, a real class act)

Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend over (abruptly)!


My boys were away this weekend, it was just me, Kya and my nephew, Nakhi who was visiting.


He has eyelashes girls pay good money to have!

He completely WRECKED Haik’s office.  So glad I won’t be here when he gets home tomorrow, I tried to tidy up but I’m sure he left it “just so”


I realized, I do not miss changing diapers.

But I do miss the way babies cuddle with you and Nakhi gives these strong hugs, it feels like all his body weight wrapped around your neck.  If you live through it, it’s actually sweet.


They slept in, cause we was partying, all nite, long.   And if you knew me in real life, you know I hit the pillow early and often. 

Anyhoo, the weekend wrecker:


I wiped the table 1,000,000 times this weekend cause my worker bees are gone and I had Baby Stickyfingers going on.  Well after wiping the table all weekend, I noticed all the paint stains from craft times and they were irritating me a bit, so, the genius I am asked Chalana to bring me a cotton ball with nail polish remover.

(Insert dramatic Jaws music here).

Now it is a mess.  It appears like I painted white paint blotches on it.  If you knew what happened to my last kitchen table – you too would be shaking your head.  I called myself painting it and we ended up buying this one. 

Well, I finished straightening up the kitchen and came upstairs to google how to repair damage from acetone.  (Thank heavens for  Tomorrow, will begin a new series here, Repairing the Second Kitchen Table Damaged by Tiffany, Part 1.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Have you personally ever had facebook drama?  I have heard about it, but I’ve never been involved.  Until now.  uggggh.

It was July 24th to be exact, I received an “odd” comment on my profile pic.  See for yourself.  I tried my bestest to scratch out names and photos but also leave you some info so you get the jest.


Also, Keep in mind I do not fb a lot, on average about an hour or 2 a month – TOPS. {I cut it down a lot, especially after reading this.}

What do you think about that comment from Ms. Fulfillment?

I was stumped.  It took me 9 days to respond.  What does one say to that?  In street terms, I felt like “she was coming for me”, you’ve heard it before “They fighting words!” 

In all honestly, my first instinct was to respond with a candid remark about her hair.  I wanted to.  But numero uno, I’m a lady and I truly believe ‘a good example preaches a powerful sermon’ so a smart alec comment just would not do. 

After 9 days and some periodic thought, I wrote back to Ms. Fulfillment and I am still a bit tickled(heehee) about my bazinga.  It feels like I got a good one ‘in’ while remaining positive.

What do YOU think? 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A parent’s promise

Lately, I’ve been drawn to wordy art

This one ranks in my top 10.



I think I need one for every child in the house, please.

And if you believe in Higher Power, lengthy but heartwarming story here – my chin was on the floor, but I was wearing a big ol’ cheeseburger grin. 

God is so good.