Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work blues.


The weekend was so relaxing but the last two days at work have been so horrible that when I get home all I want to do is go to bed.


In better news, my local Kmart reduced their prices on spray paint (by a $1) so I was able to add some color to this chair and I really like the finish (satin).


I distressed it some with sandpaper to give it the worn but cool look, which I think is great since I have 3 kids.



I really like it, they sell Krylon brand paint, I think its my new favorite.

Also, I used Curlz brand Crème Brulee for a wash n go, and it tanked sooo bad – absolutely does nothing, notta, zilch for my hair, so I’m blue about that too. 

I wanted to share a link to making homemade icecream (yummy) without a machine.  I picked up the ingredients but I just haven’t had the energy, looks promising though.  Check it out!


That picture of the ice cream looks so good!

It’s from What’s New at Kevin and Amanda’s.  They have a boatload of free handwriting fonts over there too.  Here is the recipe, with gorgeous photos.  Here are the fonts.

Ok hope your week is going better, ttyl.


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