Friday, July 8, 2011



Haik’s flight is delayed, could be canceled until tomorrow.  Boooooo.

In the meantime, I have been cleaning, purging and making things happen so this place would be Spring Cleaned for his arrival, I love a clean house when I walk in.  It’s inviting, yes?

Anyhoo, I had to stop the cleaning for a shopping run, fun fun fun!

A Lil Dollar Tree action: cotton balls, toothpaste and these:


Not sure if they are ramekins or bowls?  Anyhoo, I got 2, one for me, another for Chalana.  Check them out in action -


Chalana’s favorite color is red, she has a red laptop, red camera and now a red jewelry dish.  Red Red Red



Mine in my new favorite color – yellow.  I sat mine on my nightstand.  Can’t beat the style and functional for $1. 

Next stop. Kohl’s.  Haik’s besties (men do not say bestie, lol), 2 of them turned 40 this month and they are having a partay at a Lounge? and I did not have a clue about what to wear.  Sparkles? A dress? huh?

I had $10 Kohl’s cash and figured I’d make it work.

So I texted my cousin, E.  Who schooled me, txt msg traffic below:

Me: When the last time u was in a club? I’m supposed to go to G Lounge tomorrow night. Jeans? Maxi? What?

E: Club and lounge are 2 different things!! Club - sexy, lounge - jeans, sexy top, cute shoe!!”

Me: G Lounge? What is dat?

E: Its cool real low key spot, who you going with!!!

Me: U got too many questions, I asked for answers dammit.  {sidenote, I’m the oldest I get to pull rank}

E: Its nice wear jeans you old and married {she’s got the answers, she laid the smackdown}

Sooo lucky she is family :)


Here’s what I chose.  I’m gonna tie the belt in front but on the side all fancy like.

It’s more flattering on, I realize it’s not for everyone but I think it will be perfect for dinner and a nite out in the city with newly 40 year olds couples.

Then I thought, what about the Hubbs.  Cause I’m a good wife (some most times)


I got him two to choose from.  The left is light bluish and the other is knit in black.  

We have completely different taste in clothing, he may discard them both.  Oh wells. 

All three shirts and a candle, $50 bucks - with my Kohl’s cash and a 15% off coupon.  Score!

Lastly, I scored 3 pair of earrings for $5. 



Look out Philly, it’s on! (yea right, I’ll prolly be home by midnite. and she smiles)

Update: Haik’s flight will leave Florida tonight, but he will miss his bus to drive him home, so I have to drive an hour to get him.  Ouch. 

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