Thursday, July 14, 2011



The birthday flowers are reaching their final days.  I really love to receive flowers and wish my husband gave them to me more often.  But I just now made an executive decision to buy them for myself sometimes.


Now to the title of this post, between my trip to Florida and eating out over the last two weeks (no Kya), I have contracted HIVES.

They look like welts and they get a lil scary when you get a bunch near each other, everyday I keep finding new ones. ARGH.  Oddly enuff they itch at the weirdest times, like now, of course.  And I can’t scratch them cause I scar easily and that would for sure leave a mark. 

I can’t seem to find a natural cure online, so I’ve been trying to flush them out with water, not sure if that’s helping or spreading them?  They’ve made me crabby and itchy scratchy.

But real quick I wanted to share this picture/story for a laugh (at my expense), your welcome.


Saturday nite, I was getting all dolled up for the party.  Ironing my top when I noticed the dang theft alarm tag was still on. 

It was 10p, we were in a hotel room in Philly, and alls I had extra was a tank top to wear home in the morning.



Yep, that’s what I said.  I wore the dang shirt, security tag and all.  I’ve been meaning to take it back all week.

Now the REAL question is, do u think they will offer me a discount for the inconvenience? or will they just remove the tag and send me on my way?

Crabby Pattie signing off, and if you folks are “hiding” any home remedies for hives, shoot ‘em over pronto.

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