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I have been wanting to do this, every since I saw it done over on MADE.

Pics from work1

It’s a much bigger collage, 6 across, 3 down.  I had plenty mo pictures but they weren’t close enough to see the hairstory.

In order to get good size photos here, I’m cropping the collage then enlarging.  I don’t know how to do it better/easier/faster? do you?

Pics from work1

1994 – Me and the my college rollies.  Still friends - to this day.  We were so happy to be able to order drinks then.  Cracking up now. 

1995 this is one of my all time favorite photos (of me).  Lipstick, check.  Eyebrows arched, check.  Every single hair in place. Check Check.

1996 Preggers.

Pics from work1

These are scanned in photos.  Not great.  Me and Haik, full swing.  I still have that pink dress, it’s from Express, back when I thought they were the *ish.  I will still pull that puppy out for a wedding. 

Khari is about 4 here and so damn cute.  He was a stinker then but so was I, depressed, living in East Bubble Plick, Kentucky.  I was so not ready.

Pics from work1

We are skipping years, cause this is what I have now on the PC.  That’s baby Kya!  She’s been gone now a week, visiting with Grandma, I miss her so so much. 

Haik is easily 25lbs lighter there and looking quite yummy.  Hubba Hubba.  Fresh haircut works everytime.

Pics from work1

In ‘08, I was transitioning with my first weave.  I luvd it.  That hair was expensive, cute and much lighter than I’d ever imagined. 

But that puff in ‘09 was so NOT grown and sexy or even cute.  I was a newbie. 

Pics from work1

Later that year, I think, I was just starting to blog and taking pictures.  I was liking my hair more too.

2010 – NOW that’s a puff!


I took a risk, I had nothing to lose and so much more to gain. 

Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.                  - Robert Anthony

Don’t be most people, be awesome instead.

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