Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free Kya!


The MIL has kidnapped my baby (in a good way), I do miss her so though– it’s been 17 days.  I think I gained 17 pounds without her. 

She is due home tomorrow.



I’m so thankful her Grandma is “hip” and has been using her camera phone to keep me updated with pictures from their Summer happenings.


It’s her and her first cousin, they are almost exactly 9 months apart.  Two peas in a pod.



Another visiting cousin fancied her hair up.    I HAD to message tips:

- she likes it washed leaning back

- braid it while wet, it’s gentler

She did a great job!


They had one more family reunion to hit in Pittsburgh this weekend, and I’m  she is headed home tomorrow after hotel check out.

OMW to the Dollar Store for the balloons now, is a cake too much? Naaaaah not for the baby girl.

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