Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chocolatey goodness


Everyone in my house (with the exception of Chalana) has an additional two shades of chocolatey goodness on their skin, so the answer is yes, Black folks tan. 

Well since we’re already brown, would it be better to say Black folks brown? 


That is Kya’s outfit she wore to the dentist today?  Wanna take a guess at who approved it?  You should see the one he messaged me on Tues, really dude.  He is completely lost on dressing Kya, I think he’s really just scared to tell her no. 



This is how I found her yesterday after work, did I mention how glad I am she’s home.  She is the sweetest, seriously, sweeeeeetness.  She balances out the male madness round here.


This was Haikeem when I came up for bed. 


And this is how Chalana found my youngest son after midnite on Tuesday.

We’ve been wiped out.  Since it rained here, it’s lowered the humidity and the temperature has been perfect, day and nite.  We’ve all slept so much better.  Can’t ya tell :)

All around, this week has been so much better than last week’s blues, this week, I’m feeling uber confident, yo!

A book I had on request came into the library, score!  (I was trying to read Happy Potter vol 7, but it was 700 pages and I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere fast, so I put the CD on hold at the library.  Luv the library, your tax $$$ at work people.)

I got several work performance compliments & thank yous this week, double score!  (A pat on the back works wonders, give one away)

I got some hits on Careerbuilder – oh yes!  Compliments are nice but I still needs to go.

I read this quote and luvvvvd it!!!!  It inspired me to make an inspiration notepad/notebook for if when I get the blues again, a lil something to help out Blue Tiffany.   

Like Kanye said, The devil is alive, I feel him breathing.  I am on a mission friends, to get happier & richer without going broke. 

Dueces, yall, thanks for dropping in on my random. 


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