Friday, July 29, 2011

Subway Art, $10


How do you feel about subway art?

restoration hardware



Full tutorial on the “be thankful” art here.

You can visit here, for lots of blogger DIY versions.

But this one is so good and the total is $10, consider it SOLD!!

cheri mother theresa

I think it’ll be a great reminder for everyone in my family, and all those who enter my home. 

The last line nails it, ‘It was never between you and them anyway’  So true.  So So true.

P.S. In the final version “succeed” is spelled accurately :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chocolatey goodness


Everyone in my house (with the exception of Chalana) has an additional two shades of chocolatey goodness on their skin, so the answer is yes, Black folks tan. 

Well since we’re already brown, would it be better to say Black folks brown? 


That is Kya’s outfit she wore to the dentist today?  Wanna take a guess at who approved it?  You should see the one he messaged me on Tues, really dude.  He is completely lost on dressing Kya, I think he’s really just scared to tell her no. 



This is how I found her yesterday after work, did I mention how glad I am she’s home.  She is the sweetest, seriously, sweeeeeetness.  She balances out the male madness round here.


This was Haikeem when I came up for bed. 


And this is how Chalana found my youngest son after midnite on Tuesday.

We’ve been wiped out.  Since it rained here, it’s lowered the humidity and the temperature has been perfect, day and nite.  We’ve all slept so much better.  Can’t ya tell :)

All around, this week has been so much better than last week’s blues, this week, I’m feeling uber confident, yo!

A book I had on request came into the library, score!  (I was trying to read Happy Potter vol 7, but it was 700 pages and I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere fast, so I put the CD on hold at the library.  Luv the library, your tax $$$ at work people.)

I got several work performance compliments & thank yous this week, double score!  (A pat on the back works wonders, give one away)

I got some hits on Careerbuilder – oh yes!  Compliments are nice but I still needs to go.

I read this quote and luvvvvd it!!!!  It inspired me to make an inspiration notepad/notebook for if when I get the blues again, a lil something to help out Blue Tiffany.   

Like Kanye said, The devil is alive, I feel him breathing.  I am on a mission friends, to get happier & richer without going broke. 

Dueces, yall, thanks for dropping in on my random. 


Monday, July 25, 2011

Atlantic City, part II


I dream of the day when Haik and I get separate quarters from the kids on vacation.  But for now, our budget affords one room, double beds, thank.u.very.much.


With a family of 5, we pack a few things for the room.  Cheerios, snacks and sammiches, this way we can swing dinner out.


I luv mini crunchy ice, mmmm.  The burger and shake wasn’t bad either.


After dinner I took the two Littles for a walk to see the town, that’s actually an indoor photo all dark. 

The baby Daddy was playing poker - we have to pick our battles, ladies.


Do you believe this is a camera phone photo – Steve Jobs ain’t playing!



We stayed at the Showboat, but the Taj Mahal was my favorite.  Very regal and Grande, the lights, the shapes, I should’ve taken more pictures, it was the  It gave the illusion of the REAL Taj Mahal.




Caesar’s was pretty grandiose too.


Super cheeeeesing – so worth it.


I couldn’t find the name on this one, but I thought it looked fancy.



The boardwalk ensured that I got some good exercise in. 




$12 per pound.

My favorite Boardwalk treat.

Not the Fries (they might be a close 2nd).

Or Pizza.

Or Saltwater Taffy.

Or Candy bars and cookies deep-fried…


Give me an old fashion Funnel Cake, yummm


without the Reese’s


Or Snicker…We 3 shared one and it was perfect.

I asked them both if we should save some of our funnel cake for Kadir and they both said, Yes.  So sweet, it made me smile, and I made sure to tell Kadir who isn’t always as sweet and kind as his siblings.


I loved his t-shirt.


The beach will even tire out your mouthy, tall, always hungry teenager.


Repeat after me.  I will not let another 5-10 years go by again without putting my toes in the sand, it’s 2hrs away and worth it.

Trust me.  If you’re that close, take a day and go enjoy the beauty God gave us, it’s Free.

I hope you enjoyed your our visit to Atlantic City.





The beach is free.


and I like free.


it wasn’t until after 1p (a good hour or two on the beach)


did I finally being to unwind.


and start to enjoy my surroundings.  Traveling with 3 kids,




by plane, train or automobile (is stressful)


But after awhile everyone - starts to chillax.


(and yes we feed him, no idea why you see the child’s ribcage!)

Just a few more pics to share…

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work blues.


The weekend was so relaxing but the last two days at work have been so horrible that when I get home all I want to do is go to bed.


In better news, my local Kmart reduced their prices on spray paint (by a $1) so I was able to add some color to this chair and I really like the finish (satin).


I distressed it some with sandpaper to give it the worn but cool look, which I think is great since I have 3 kids.



I really like it, they sell Krylon brand paint, I think its my new favorite.

Also, I used Curlz brand Crème Brulee for a wash n go, and it tanked sooo bad – absolutely does nothing, notta, zilch for my hair, so I’m blue about that too. 

I wanted to share a link to making homemade icecream (yummy) without a machine.  I picked up the ingredients but I just haven’t had the energy, looks promising though.  Check it out!


That picture of the ice cream looks so good!

It’s from What’s New at Kevin and Amanda’s.  They have a boatload of free handwriting fonts over there too.  Here is the recipe, with gorgeous photos.  Here are the fonts.

Ok hope your week is going better, ttyl.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free Kya!


The MIL has kidnapped my baby (in a good way), I do miss her so though– it’s been 17 days.  I think I gained 17 pounds without her. 

She is due home tomorrow.



I’m so thankful her Grandma is “hip” and has been using her camera phone to keep me updated with pictures from their Summer happenings.


It’s her and her first cousin, they are almost exactly 9 months apart.  Two peas in a pod.



Another visiting cousin fancied her hair up.    I HAD to message tips:

- she likes it washed leaning back

- braid it while wet, it’s gentler

She did a great job!


They had one more family reunion to hit in Pittsburgh this weekend, and I’m  she is headed home tomorrow after hotel check out.

OMW to the Dollar Store for the balloons now, is a cake too much? Naaaaah not for the baby girl.

Thursday, July 14, 2011



The birthday flowers are reaching their final days.  I really love to receive flowers and wish my husband gave them to me more often.  But I just now made an executive decision to buy them for myself sometimes.


Now to the title of this post, between my trip to Florida and eating out over the last two weeks (no Kya), I have contracted HIVES.

They look like welts and they get a lil scary when you get a bunch near each other, everyday I keep finding new ones. ARGH.  Oddly enuff they itch at the weirdest times, like now, of course.  And I can’t scratch them cause I scar easily and that would for sure leave a mark. 

I can’t seem to find a natural cure online, so I’ve been trying to flush them out with water, not sure if that’s helping or spreading them?  They’ve made me crabby and itchy scratchy.

But real quick I wanted to share this picture/story for a laugh (at my expense), your welcome.


Saturday nite, I was getting all dolled up for the party.  Ironing my top when I noticed the dang theft alarm tag was still on. 

It was 10p, we were in a hotel room in Philly, and alls I had extra was a tank top to wear home in the morning.



Yep, that’s what I said.  I wore the dang shirt, security tag and all.  I’ve been meaning to take it back all week.

Now the REAL question is, do u think they will offer me a discount for the inconvenience? or will they just remove the tag and send me on my way?

Crabby Pattie signing off, and if you folks are “hiding” any home remedies for hives, shoot ‘em over pronto.