Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why pay more?


My brother-in-law is tying the knot on Saturday. Yay!

The kidds are invited.  Boooooo. 

Is it terrible that I wanted it to be just me and the Hubbs? 

Anyhoo, I was looking for boat shoes for my oldest (who is a mens size 10.5) and Clarks, (close to work) had some nice ones –

clarks navy leather

$90 bucks.  Ouch.  Maybe Aldo?

aldo casuals

too casual? $50 – and at $50 still more than I wanted to spend. 

Then a light went off, why pay more….


when you can Payless.  Perfecto!  and Guess how much – $30 bones, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Until you get there and they only have brown :(  and your son is not thrilled. at.all. 

And even though $30 is a steal for leather mens’ shoes, you don’t want him to only wear them one time. 

So you say… show me what you like….


understandable…he is 15.. not bad at $20.

cap toe

cap toes. really?  he shocked me with this pick.  $40. 

plaid surf moc

eh, half plaid, half sneaker.  $30 – why not get can get the brown leather boat shoes for this price?

Oh man.  I do think he should be comfortable and feeling good about his appearance (cause when you look good, you feel good) – plus I’d really like it if he wore them again…and got my monies worth, ya know?

I’d luv to hear your thoughts?  I have 3 days. {Don’t ask, the kids were added last minute, and not by me}.  As an fyi, for his attire…flat front khakis..polo.

So let’s hear it?

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