Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where do you subscribe?


A few years ago, when I learned that was the #2 search engine, I went straight there for information on natural hair.  At this time, I just wanted help growing out Kya’s.

And there it was there I found my hair future.

Here are MY favorites hair tubers:

Rustic Beauty!

I luv her voice.  No silly, not the voice that she uses to speak, but her informative, no holds barred, tell you every detail to help you succeed voice.  I just had the feeling that she was there to help.  I also love that she keeps it basic and isn’t too product crazy. 


She hasn’t made a video in a hot minute.  But she has done a crapload on twists and styles.  Also keeps it very basic, missing her.

And for all the PJ’s out there:


Meet Mo.  She tries everything and report backs!  She would give every single detail in a product (I don’t luv that part) but I do like that she explains her layering processes, how she maintains her styles, etc. 

And of course…there is Kimmay.


While, I don’t always luv her voice.  She don’t gots a 60K following for nothing, she found a potion that works for her and lots of others.  I find her educational tutorials very informative and hopes she doesn’t stop making videos.

Yay for youtube.  Yay for all the ladies who make vids to support Natural Hair.  Yay for the internet.  Yay for you.

Please share with me your favorite tuber and why, I’m all ears or is it eyes? 

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