Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer’s Here



You cannot even tell me I’m not bad @ss in my fancy schmancy $15 dollar Target brand aviators.  Luv these glasses (picture taken with the new iphone, I must say, I’m impressed, it doesn’t make the shutter sound, I took this at my work desk).


My other must have…the essential Summer Tote, laptop bag, beach bag, picnic bag, airplane bag, baby bag, toddler bag…just the perfect Summer tote-along.  A lady should have a cute bag, yes?


And lastly my limited (yet satisfying) nail polish collection.  The toes got to be right, sandals are in full force.  I am so ready for Summer.

Oh, I can’t forget that silly annual..





it’s backwards y’all..




11 years of wedded ish, bliss.  Marriage is theee biggest compromise, it can also be very rewarding and satisfying, but it is work.  Trust.

The hubbs is outta town so we’re sending these pics from our photo shoot.


What is your summer must have? 

I still need a proper bathing suit (in my British voice), but it’s been that way for a few years, bathing suit shopping after 3 kids and grown woman thighs.  Ugh, I do not look forward to it.  But I always always always look forward to Summer, hot, sweaty, sunny, flowery, crowded, local fairs, out door concerts, green grass, pretty skirts, jumping rope, open toed sandals, sprinklers, funnel cake, water ice, garage sales, lemonade, popsicles, freeze pops, bicycling, margaritas, beach sand, umbrellas, Maryland crabs, iced-tea, fireworks, waterparks, barbecues, seafood salad , sidewalk chalk, laughter, Coronas, aaaaaaah Summer.  I missed you.

(I’m gonna go now, the list just keeps growing….)

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