Thursday, June 2, 2011

A shneaker


Here’s what he chose, I’m calling it a shneaker (shoe – sneaker mix).

converse boat


I think he made a good choice.  We got them at Kohls.  I ended up paying…


Under $40, so I was ok with that.  The lady gave me the 15% off, since I was using a Kohls card.  I didn’t even ask, they do not do that everywhere (ahem, Macy’s, Joann’s or Michaels).  But at Kohls she did, God is so good.

I made a basket for the Ladies Room at the reception, just as a small token to the bride. 



My bestie made one for me when I got married (eons ago) and the guests luvd it (and I never forgot), so I thought it would be nice to pay it forward.  Thank heavens for the Dollar Store and Target’s Trial size section these days.  I do hope she likes it :)

Must go, I have a lot yet to do before the wedding, like 2 heads of hair!!!!!!  Chat with you chicas lata.


  1. Great idea...very cute , love the basket!:))

    Thanks for sharing Tiffany, take care:))


  2. The basket is fabulous. Such a thoughtful thing to do.