Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She’s baaaaaack!



I have two sisters.  I’m the oldest (and sweetest and funniest and the cutest), ok maybe not the funniest.

Anyhoo, the youngest (now 22) lived with me for 9 years or so, until she turned 19 and in her own words was “grown”.  But recently, she and my middle sister have had enough of each other, then her car died and now Sheeeeee’s Baaaaack.  I kinda think it was meant to be, she was offered a job today (and God knows she needs it).

I’ve got mixed feelings about the whole situation, mostly cause we’re all so comfy in our own spaces.  But we are also fortunate to have a home we can share.  However, you know the rules, 2 women can rarely live together for long, pray for us :)

Luke 1248

Trust me, I considered telling her to beat it -- woMAN UP and to get her own!  But you do remember what happened to Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast…

prince adam

I like my appearance as is – so that door was opened.

So there you have it.  We may have a new face in the photos round here.  And maybe she’ll even let me play in her hair, cause it’s screaming for some luv.  She flat irons it on high A LOT and it stinks, I sooooo don’t miss that smell.

That’s the scoops yall,  holla at you chicas lata.


  1. Lol....Enjoy!... sisters are special:))

  2. Best wishes for happy co-existence.