Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thelma and Louise this..


My friend Maria says to me last night, “Let’s Thelma and Louise this *ish”


In Maria speak, that means take a picture of ourselves?

Okaaaay then, let’s do this.


Obviously, I’m still working on being more photogenic.


Third times the charm.

My hot date was in preparation for this GNO (girls nite out).  My friend in the pink is getting married and we had to paint the town. I hadn’t been in a club in ummm………..years. 

I had a good time, even though I was the first one to leave (wahahahahahaaa). 

My hearing was restored about 15 mins into the drive home (:

That’s it for today Luvs.  I’ve got a date with my sewing machine and some VCR movies I snagged from the thrift.  I may even plant a pack of flower seeds I’ve had for 3+ years. 



  1. Hey girly looks like you had lots of fun. Interested in your shea moisture picks from last post. May have to hit target up and see what I find.

  2. Looks like you ladies have a great time. LOL @ hearing restored within 15 min :))

    Thanks for sharing, take care