Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My own biggest critic


I was over reading Lakeitha today and she mentioned she was her own biggest critic and the words fit perfectly for how I was feeling.



All weekend I spray painted this lamp for my daughters room, but the paint would warp, bubble and drip.  I got so dern frustrated. 

But then after I read Lakeitha today, I thought, would my daughter really care?  She’s 4?  It is for her  room right :/

[I can’t even photograph the “alleged” warps, bubbles and drips]

I also took this, from green and gold beauty.  From blah.


to black/white/beige polka dots.



it was originally $3.97 from the goodwill, this camera is really making me work for it.

All it took was spray paint and a piece of fabric.


I open the windows and basement door to work inside when its raining out.


my spray paint arsenal


In the end, I found numerous things wrong with it…the dots aren’t aligned straight…I scratched the frames paint job on the table putting the glass back in…the mat is sticking to the glass in some spots…the mat has wrinkle lines in it from where I ripped off the old picture.  blah blah blah

In the end, I am my own biggest critic.  It is a gift and a curse.  But I bet no one else really notices or even cares.  And seriously even if they do, so stinkin what, as long as I like it.

Moral of the story. Be like Nike and Just do it. 

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  1. I likie! very nice job. You are so creative. Keep those juices flowing, and it seems this is something you realy enjoy doing. Keep up the great work, you never know how far it may take you:)) and stop being so hard on yourself. It looks great!

    Take care,