Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hair: Curl Enhancing Smoothie


Oh look, a hair post!



Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie




The texture is thick & custardy


Organic, locally available, smells great, effective as a leave-in moisturizer.  I luv this stuff, price $9.99, a lil goes a long way


I only have one.  It’s an odd one. 

When I put this stuff on my hair it doesn’t soften immediately.  I absolutely feel and see the difference it makes on my hair, because I’ve been using my hair gelly for so long I know the look & feel.  But since I began using this, it leaves my hair CONSIDERABLY softer in the braid out.  But I don’t feel the softness while I’m braiding?

I’ve been experimenting with the right amount of smoothie and gelly to get softness and hold.  Last week I did get just some white flakes on a few braids because I was heavy handed trying to FEEL the softness while braiding.  My hair still came out perfectly fine, and lasted 3-4 days in a braid out.

Right now I’m using Aubrey Organics conditioner (the one with the green top, review to come) and I’m not sure if changing this will make a difference?

All in All, you wanna know would I recommend to a bestie:

Yes Ma’am, I would.

Enjoy your Saturday Sweets.  I planned to walk again but it’s wet out, so I’m thinking about doing this instead 

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  1. I've noticed the same results with this product. My hair doesn't feel moisturized while twisting but it is noticeably softer when I do a remove the twists. However this product doesn't emit any shine. I use oil when removing the twists but it's still not as shiny as I would like. Have you found a product that can be used with this to give your hair shine?