Thursday, April 14, 2011


The past few weeks my boys have been under Marshall Law for mediocre report cards (around here that is more than one 'C').

I mean really, if you can sing every song on the radio and every opening jingle for Disney and Nickelodeon, I do suppose you can use your resources and figure out your studies.

Anyhoo, under Marshall Law. No TV, No Computer, No Cell Phones, Notta.

They found reading.  The gates have opened.

and I will prolly never return to letting them watch TV during the school week.  It was hard in the beginning but it is for the best.  Even they don't miss, I don't think. 

In our recent trips to the Library, my daughter borrowed Silverlicious (by Victoria Kann), and I really luvd the ending. 

It was a gentle reminder:

In case you can't see the copy of the copy, it reads:
Sweetness comes from the inside. 
When you are sweet,
the world and all the delicious things in it will be sweet too!

I luvd it so much I made a copy of the page to remind myself and my daughter. 

gate image

Thanks for dropping in.  Now go be sweet to someone.


  1. Hmm marshall law that's serious but you are right sometimes they can get out of hand....

    I'm glad you got your hands on the molasses and I just got my second bottle of that honey suckle rose condish. Let me know how it's coming for you.

    And that note is too sweet love it!

  2. This is awesome. We're seriously considering cutting the cable completely. Last night I turned off the tv, and we read several books together....including half of a Magic Tree House book. Heaven.

  3. I used to *love* going to the library when I was a kid - that was my treat!
    I still love reading now (well, non compulsory reading...compulsory reading isn't as fun >.<)

  4. I honestly have always loved reading a good book. But "I couldn't" find the time. I needed to MAKE the time.