Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nobodys Home

I came home recently the other day and the house was EMPTY.  This doesn't happen often.

Anyhoo, I used the time to learn my camera.  I've been trying to take better photos (and be more photogenic, is that possible?).

Ever see yourself on facebook and wonder, why o why did I have that face?????

Case in point..I just grabbed that from a family members fb. 

Here are some from my photo shoot, while learning to use some of the features on my camera.  There is a dirty bathroom mirror involved..bare with me.

But I was pretty pleased with the blurry dirty reflection look.

I giving models/actresses a LOT more credit, it's hard to look at yourself and not see every flaw.  Soooo hard. 

Hope your day is going good.  Deuces!


  1. You look gorgeous ! And I love your hair !

  2. Girrrl you hair is fierce! the pictures! . Have a fabulous weekend. Take care,


  3. Thanks Ladies it was a good hair day :)