Monday, April 25, 2011

My weekend and big bad fear


How was the weekend?  I had my sisters kiddos and my middle son had a birthday! 

He turned 12.  Time is flying by…


Easy inexpensive gifts at this age, Phillies cap, Pokemon White (I kept calling it Pokeman, ha!), call it done.  Nothing by Abercrombie, but they do make quality stuff and the bags hold up well for recycling :)


Khari is the humblest of the bunch – so easy to luv, so affectionate and kind hearted.  He’s smart, a talented dancer & athlete, and so friendly he ALWAYS comes home from camps and stuff with phone numbers of people who want to stay in contact.  Funny. 



Anyhoo, while the kidds were playing hide and seek in the dark…(it’s a cousin sleepover thing) my camera was accidentally knocked off the kitchen counter (I’m sure it was the long strap) and as of right now, it’s not working. Tears. Ok not quite, but I really do like my camera and will miss it badly. Let’s hope this isn’t the end.

I have a lil knot in my stomach about it… it’s still under warranty but I have no idea where the receipt and warranty card are so tonight, this week, I will get to looking for that.  A lot.


Oh and fear …

I really wanted to get this for my daughter’s room.

wall art

image here: get it on etsy

but I really didn’t want to spend $80 bucks.  Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s worth the money cause those decals come right off so you can place them nice and easy, but man, I just couldn’t cut the check.

Anyhoo.  I had a credit at Michael’s so today, I just bought the dang acrylic paints, .59c each.  And I’m gonna give it a go.  But the fear of failing had me stuck for a minute.

Fear is crippling.  Fear of failing.  I just won’t have it.


image (get it on etsy)

Worse comes to worse, I can just paint over it. Duh. I promise to share it.  Good or Bad.  Good or Bad camera too. 

I had ZERO online time this weekend with 5 kiddos and now I have to get the Lil Miss to bed.  My reader is full…so much to do, so little time.

Ok Peeps, Holla.


  1. Be brave. If nothing else, you learn how to do better the next time. :) Hoping you get your camera fixed!

  2. I love the decals are they are great and add so much to the rooms for children. Go for doing your painting. Your talented, tiffany I see how you whip those rooms together, etc.

    I love the idea of doing it yourself, it will make it all the more special, because it came from you, with love, time , patience and prayer (lol). Can't get no better than that and, that can't be brought from the store...go for it girl!:))

    Do share pictures. Take care