Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is where I've been bloggin lately.

Always with a cup of coffee (see it?)

I'm always cold, but you can't type with a blanket on your arms!
I brought in a VCR today and hooked it up to my banging 19" TV (from college, circa 1993?). 



The Hubbs just shook his head.  He's a snob, I'm cool with it.

The laptop power cord has a short at the end and hasn't been charging the battery properly.

I priced it out, $60 buxx might have been the cheapest I found it.  REALLY!  I gotta check ebay too but for now, the shared house computer is working fine.  Plus I'm still trying not to spend money this April.  Remember?

It's always nice to get a peek into other people's home. Right?  Well this is how I do it...

Thanks for dropping in.

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  1. I loove your posts! they are loaded with humor, realness, and super great tips and ideas!.

    Btw, I love your computer room/area? it looks cozy.

    Thanks for sharing your great finds... there always awesome. Take care Tiffany.