Saturday, April 9, 2011

5 well 4 days of hair

For months now I've been getting a good 4 days out of a braid out.  You're dying to know!!!yes????

I just unravel the 3 sections in a braid because it fluffens during the week (and cause I'm lazy)

Fluffen: adj, to fill out :)

I'm really not sure if that if Day 2 is Day 2, I think it's Day 3?  I'm sorry I missed a day and already labeled the images! Argh!

But Day 3 is definitely Day4 because I remember having to put that bobby pin in. The front was just a big floppy piece of fuzz.  I put three braids in the front that night and we were back in business on Friday.

Shampoo: Yes to carrots (the orange one)
Conditioner: Hello Hydration
Leave-In: Oyin Whipped Pudding
Moisturizer/Setting: Hair Gelly


  1. Looks fabulous! :))


  2. Love to see your curls. They are so pretty.