Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Forward Sunday


You did spring your clock forward one hour today, yes?

This morning, I had to visit Target Pharmacy pretty early - for the Pink stuff. 



My sweetest Little has strep. It could be worse, I’m so NOT complaining.

While waiting for her script to be filled, I toured the facility…and found this:now at my target

At my very own Target.  Yay!  It’s not the hairline, it’s the body line, but Spring is upon us so it’s perfect timing!

It wasn’t on “the list’ so I didn’t buy any of the products (today).  But ‘er um…I smelled them and they are now on the WishList.

I would luv a new scent for Spring/Summer and the Coconut Hibiscus body wash will be my first try.  If all goes well, I will grab the lotion too.  Do you recall my last Shea Moisture lotion purchase did not turn out too well. Duh me.

I must ask, do you switch ur scent with the season?

I’m all about cool, crisp, lite florals in the Spring/Summer. 

Not to mention…the dreaded shaving.



Mo, I luv u baby, WORK IT!

And being completely honest, I only shave quarterly in the winter, but I’m on my job in the Spring/Summer (mostly).

I must know – are you a serious shaver?  Cause heaven knows it is a task I hate and perform weekly at best.  My friend Myn says she’s a daily shaver, what the?


  1. I prefer to use wax, it's more convenient because you can wear skirts and shorts longer, around 3 weeks ! Then you have to wait a little bit, but when you use wax most of the time you have some part of your legs where hair legs disappear :) haha Besides, the hair legs is not as dry and strong than when you shave it !

  2. Hope your little feels better soon. I am so grateful for good medicine.

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  4. This is too funny! I cannot Stand Mo's legs but if an ambulance came and had to cut through my pants they would find the samething LOL (IN THE WINTER) i'm on my game in the summer! Let us know when you purchase the shea moisture lotion's i've been dying to try that and their black soap