Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Crush.


Awhile back I wrote a post titled Amen, with the quote “the pretty pretty is not real life” from Meg but I never took the time to actually click around the blog, I just really liked that post, that day.

playroom at megs

Then shortly after that, I was reading a home blog that linked back to that same blog!  So I browsed around and fell for it.  And now I’m crushing….in a happy for her, not jealous kinda way, of course :)

I like the colors, the writing style, her passion for photography, her honesty about parenting, I’m digging the way she can be so personal without putting her family at risk (since we know how folks can talk), plus she’s been to Africa and luvd it! 

You should also read her luv story touched my lil heart….it is not what you think, cause I am not the mushy type.  At all.  It’s about imperfect luv.  It’s sweet and genuine and close to home.  I liked it, reminds you how forgiving and loving your God is.  Whatever you choose to call him.

I also learned this trick from her:


that line of stars, she uses it to break up topics in one post, umm yea, expect to see it more often. Liiiiiike now!



So not one single comment for Oyin?  Good thing I don’t take myself too seriously, or my feelings wouldda been a hurtin for certain. 

I did get that other package, maybe we’ll try some happy mail another time.



I made this little winter flower and attached it to a bobby pin, been wearing it in the tresses, Luv it! 

I’m also luvn cardigans, who knew they could finish your outfit and give it a polished look?  Not to mention they help you wear cute short sleeve tops in the Winter.  BONUS!  I am looking to buy a few more to compliment my skirts that I never wear cause I can never find the perfect top for work to be warm indoors and cool outside, CARDIGANS, duh!…I think they will be the perfect addition.


Lastly, here is my baby girl, this red jacket from her Auntie on her 3rd bday is getting small :( 



She will only be able to wear it this year, so I wanted to be sure and get a photo of her in it… for the record .  You know so she can say, ‘MOM what was I wearing?” and I can say, “Gurl you were sharp!”  I’ve heard that one A million times!

Hope all is well for you.  Lata skatas.


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