Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, the Hubbs ordered an A.D.D. video he saw on PBS (he’s self diagnosed).

He asked me to watch the video with him and this was what he took away – he asked me to make him a reminder, hence the image.


Oddly enough, this was the one line that stuck with me as well.

I always thought it was the other way around that Inspiration leads to action.  I was so wrong.  I read inspiring blogs almost daily and don’t act on them nearly that often.  But what if I did a lil more action?  More inspiration? Perhaps!

So let this be a lesson, you have to make things happen!  Can’t just be sitting around pretty and inspired.  Where’s that gonna getcha?

And please understand, I only make fun of the Hubbs self-diagnosed A.D.D. not genuine patients.  You see, his A.D.D. kicks in when he has to do not so fun stuff, like our taxes, paperwork, cleaning, you know important grown up stuff.  God luv him.


In other news, I read this ACTION INSPIRING REAL LIFE STORY, here: I gots some thinking to do.  Do you want to quit your day job too?  I’m soooo over the office.

My house is really quiet right now – fa-reaking me out!

Thanks for reading – BE INSPIRED! no BE ACTIVE! yea that!


  1. I can't just sit and watch everyone else do something, jump up and join in, and you'll be surprised what ideas come to you.

  2. Great reminder - I totally agree, "Do Something" and the rest will follow!