Wednesday, March 30, 2011

$79.52, and things running through my mind

That's how much it cost me to fill up, My Cuzin Vinnie (my Chevy Venture). Yikes!?!

Did anyone else forget about Pandora radio.  So glad I found it again. I luv designing my own channels, to fit my many moods, sometimes, Usher, sometimes Ms Badu, sometimes Chris Breezy, sometimes Maroon 5, sometimes Adele (did u know there were 2?).  I was looking for Adele (that did American Boy with Kanye) and found a new one and now I like her too.  

They need a Pandora radio for the car!!!!

Lastly, can I introduce you to my newest lovers? 

There's my LUVA in the bedroom..

Do you have a fleece in the boudoir - best thing EVER, always warm never cold, makes it so hard to get outta bed.  Why am I so slow at grasping the simplest of things?  The one photographed is from Lands End, but mine is a freebie from a giveaway but he works baby. 

And of course my newest LUVA in the bathroom...

It's not organic, but the price is right and he smells so nice (soft coconut, not too sweet and lingering).  I am monitoring the chemicals in my products a bit more careful now, so hopefully this one gets to stay.  I've used it 2x-3x as a leave-in and it works to soften (IT IS RIDICULOUS) for both me and my daughter.  $5 at Target/Walmart  and no s&h.

Hope all is well and everyone is getting their toesies ready for sandals!  Until next time.


  1. Hey tiffany! any luck with the blackstrap??? If not let me know,I;ll hook you up with one. Gas is a joke my lil nissan takes about 45 bucks.

    I have a fleece robe and love it always so sof and warm lol. Take care.

  2. Hey there!! Love your blog. I just want to say thank you for mentioning the pandora radio, I an listening to some good ol' gospel music tonight!