Monday, March 7, 2011

15 years ago – yesterday


I became a Mom.


to this intelligent, witty, stubborn, funny, lazy, handsome, attentive young man.

He is the first born grand for all his grandparents, so he is nicknamed Alpha.  And also Kwaku – Ghanaian for born on a Wednesday (we are not Ghanaian, but we have peeps)

We measured him last night and this boy young man is 5’9’’ and weighs just over a 100lbs, string bean!

I told him he could choose dinner.  His choice: Lobster, told y’all  he was funny :)

The hardest part about being a parent, balance.   I want to deliver them all my 38 years of experience, NOW, so they can learn from my mistakes.  But timing is important too.  I’ll just keep talking…and prayin it will sink in :)

here it is again***********************************************************************************************************************ha ha

In other news, I finally got my hands on some of this:


what’s the big deal people? I used it yesterday on Boopa and myself.  No major luv here.  I used it as a leave-in, but on clean dry tresses.  Is that wrong?  How do you use it? Why is it the Holy Grail, help me, luv it.  Do tell.

Ahem.  Did you notice my basket of hair goodness?  Take a closer looksy.

hair basket

This basket is looking a lil small but you get the picture, right? 

You put everything you need in a basket - bin whatever, just something to keep the goods together….then you go plop down on the sofa and style your hair while you watch the TV.  It is the best idea, no looking for clips, rubberbands, bigger clips, oil, moisturizers, combs, brushes….It’s all right at your fingertips!  NO need to get up, luv that!

And when you’re done, throw it all back in – and shove it under the bed, in a closet, wherever, who cares, as long as the basket of hair goodness is kept together.  Genius I say, you should try it.

And Easter’s coming there will be tons of cute baskets on sale soon.  Plus the dollartree has some nice ones too.  SCORE!

Another point for me, but who’s counting.

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  1. Hmm I was itching to get qhemet's amla cream..... now not too much. I'm doing pretty good with bee mine's balancing cream. I'm lookin to get deja's hair milk soon.

    as far as baskets they break on me. Happy b-day to your baby!