Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can I make you a believer?


In shopping the Goodwill. 


Finally they are up.  {Check back here for when I started}

  • Two Frames: $10, 4.97each

  • Pillowcase: $5

  • Lil paint tube (on hand): but estimated at $1

Total for wall art and lil elbow grease: $16

And fyi, you don’t need fancy schmancy, here is what mine looks like underneath the backing…


Ducktape. Yep. It’s what I had on hand. And it worked.

I set a goal for 2011.  I want all the things in my house home to have a place.  I’m still sorting, organizing and decluttering.  But the best part is – after seeing how much *ish we don’t need/use and end up donating, I am spending less on the shenanigans! 


Gotta luv growing up.  What took so long? I have a ton of catching up to do…but I’m up for it.

U still here? GO, make something pretty!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sweet! I love thrift store finds...I'm still scouring our local shops for some more vintage sheets. It's cheap fabric!

  2. Awesome work !.... love it!


  3. I love that curtain. Did you make that?

  4. No, I didn't make it. But I could! Once you see the construction you realize - you overspendt. Anyhoo. I got it at smith noble. But if your handy - please google it before u buy one, u might be able to make it yourself. Not sure I would buy another one, they are pretty price. From now on, diy.