Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pluck me.


I’ve mentioned before that I do not like to pay S&H.

I also don’t like crappy Customer Service.

Well, I kept reading rave review about this but everytime I try to buy, I get an out of stock message.  This time they’ve been Out of stock since Black Friday. Really?



So I figured shoot, let me try to mix something and I found this recipe here: (I edited it a bit below, I scratched the Rosemary, not a fan)

shea amla

I went to the site she recommended From Nature with Love but my order was less than $25 so there was a $5 fee – uh, no thank you.

So off to ebay I went, and bought Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil.

Are you still herDabur Amla Gold Hair Oil 300mle?

Guess what. It’s junk.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Canola Oil, Elaeis guineensis oil, phyllanthus emblica & lawsonia inermis extract, perfume, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, pheyl trimethicone, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, romarinus officinalis oil, tertiary butyl hydroquinone and some coloring.

Seriously! UGH! Being cheap sometimes bites.  And I just knew it was the truth since so many of the sellers were from India, I was for sure it was the real deal. $10 GONE (thank heavens it wasn’t more)

But I’m still blaming Qhemet Biologics – make some inventory MANNNNN! 

Can you imagine how much business they are losing being Out of stock, 6 weeks at a time? Really QB, Really!


  1. they do that so that the orders won't get backed up. i kind of appreciate that about them. what i've learned is that you have to know when to order from her ... lol

    btw: amla & olive heavy cream is the truth! so is the burdock root butter creme!

  2. I agree with babs...looove the amla & olive , as well as the burdock root creme. Be, patient and god willing you will get through soon. Visit there facebook page ( maybe its posted there when they will be up and running) I've found great info when visiting facebook pages of lots of the natural hair product site ( info on sales and all, that they dont always post on there sites or on facebook first). You can even ask her when she will infact have her products back in. Hope this helps:) take care.


  3. Tiffany I'm such a cheapie too. I hate waiting and I hate paying for shipping. I have to tell you I got my hands on some Bee Mine! The balancing Cream is heaven I tell you. My total including shipping was $23.15. Way out of my price range for a hair product but sometime you got to give in.

    I can't wait to get that qhemet cream too. It was my firt option but they were sold out.

  4. I got a sample of the amla olive cream though this sale these girls were running as a fundraiser. LOVED IT! I cannot justify paying that much for it on their website though. They never have coupons AAAND shipping is insane.

  5. love the qhemet cream


  6. I am such a cheap person my self...I would only try this product if it was on sale or I had some type of coupons lol..


  7. Ladies, I finally got thru and shipping was not bad, about 14 days. However, it is not working out for me:( I just added some aloe hopefully it'll be better, cause it is somewhere in the neighborhood of $15! It must be used!!!