Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ipod is back..


I whined before how my PC died and I lost all my pics and music.  Wah Wah Wah

BUT I still had my iPod with all the music so I used this lifesaving video to get it back on my PC. {insert big cheese grin RIGHT here}

how to xfer songs from iPod to Computer FREE

Lesson Learned: Don’t laugh at the Geek Squad Pocket Protector Dudes! EVER.

Since I hadn’t synced to my PC in a while, I also lost all the new music I had recently purchased.  I used the ‘contact us’ email for itunes, told them about my dilemma & right now - as I type all 329 downloads are loading back!!!!!!

Sure, I’ll have duplicates, but seriously how is that for Customer Service? Pretty Kick @ss, right?

Luvn Apple right now and the Super Hero Geek dude who did that video.

Other than that, my weekend has been the same (laundry, vacuum, dusting, hair, repeat).  I did check out The Dilemma last night, not bad 3.5 stars outta 5.

Anything exciting in your neck of the woods?

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