Monday, January 17, 2011

I am the glue.


tiffany glueI am the glue that holds it all together round here.

The boys are running around playing, being boys, being brothers.  And I hate telling them to quit it, but Kya is in bed, and I just want her to go to sleep so she will not be a Krabby Pattie in the AM and I can get to work on time.  For once.

HIM.  He who has been out of town for the past 9 days. Is doing this:


and snoring.  MUST BE NICE.

Me, I’m eating another bag of my favorite sour sugar coated candy, with a glass of water.  Bedtime snack?


I’m trying out wide-mouth mason jars for drinking glasses, so far me likey ($9 for 12).  I figure if when the kids break them, it won’t make me as mad as when they break the nice ones we that we are completely out of.



These are perfect for guests, soda, water, cocktails, double – triple duty. 

The male offspring of mine are still making noise, its 10:01pm. Ugh. No rest for the weary, does that apply?

I am happy to have a home, family, food, it’s just sometimes, I wanna be the one to get to bed early and not wake up to a shipwreck, ya know?

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