Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FRESH thoughts…


tan my dearie $150.


plaited 188

image1&3 image2

These images are already invading my email box.  I do not mind!  I luv sandals!! I luv Summer!!!

Anthropologie.com & bodenusa.com.  These two clothiers meet my standards of Mommy Modest & pretty pretty. 

Their prices, not so modest :(

A girl can dream….and $ave.

Goodbye snow. Goodbye boots. Your days are numbered.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. I hear you!:)) Girl I love me some summer and open toed shoes. I am counting down the days:))

    Take care


  2. The first pair is my favorite!

  3. For some reason I had this dream last night where I was trying on sandals. Then I see this post. Too funny.

    I tried on some hella comfy fierce ones in my dream.... I like yourfirst pick it's usually my go to styl for sandals.

  4. I love anthropologie with a passion unmatched by any other store. I force it to be within my mommy budget by making a bee line straight for their clearance section and not even act like I am willing to look through their normal racks. They know why I'm there, and the cashiers give me a wink because they know they can't afford to pay MSRP either! ;o)

    My best, Lynn

  5. Anthro prices are carazzzzzy right!