Saturday, January 8, 2011

A case of Mistaken Identity…


A lady at work recently BCd.  I mean cut her hair down to a buzz cut, and it is a refreshing change from her hair pulled back in a ponytail which wasn’t very flattering (imho)

She and I have never worked together but we always chat about life, family, etc as we’ve seen each other at places outside of work.

Anyhoo, I sent her an email yesterday when I noticed it wasn’t the ponytail:

florence email

Everyone loves a compliment, yes?

Here was the reply:

the reply

I could not stop laughing.  This woman is an EXECUTIVE at  my company but took my Mistaken Identity email like a champ!

I wrote her back and assured her, her hair was probably fabulous.  What a start to the weekend! 

Only two Florence’s in the company and yea, I pick the wrong one.  Egg on my face.  That Tiffany is a real winner! 

Have a great weekend, Peeps.


  1. Fuuunny!Its nice to know she took it like a champ. But, your intentions were good.

    You have a great weekend also, take care.


  2. lol Thank goodness it wasn't riddled with expletives...

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog, glad you liked the card...come back because I'll have one for {heart} day, too!

    This post is way too funny. Just remember, we're all the same! And she did have a great sense of humor, right?