Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello Mr. Sunshine :)

I luv Summer! It’s my favorite season.   The sandals:


The bbq’s:

The sunshine..


Well here's to Summer, my former TOP SECRET knock-out recipe for TrOpiCal TeA.  My husband uses it here for catering orders (there’s a cartoon pic of me there before I went natural, Ha!)

This Recipe makes a Gallon:
  • Frozen juice concentrate.  I prefer Welch's Passion Fruit (from Walmart).   I recommend using something clear, I tried pina good).  My friend likes pineapple juice if  Passion Fruit isn't available in your town.
  • Enuff Iced Tea Mix for 3 quarts.  I use whatever brand is least expensive when I'm shopping
  • Lil less than a gallon of water
  • Gallon pitcher
Share it this Summer with your family and friends. If you have guests over, throw some fresh lemon slices on top and make it all purdy.



And for those of you who enjoy a good cocktail, you can add your favorite spirits, yum yum!

It’s gonna get up to the 80s here in PA today. I’m giddy to get out and enjoy the warm weather. 
Enjoy the weekend and the iced-tea!  (maybe lemonade too, hmmm I might just try that).


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We almost missed the school bus!

'cause I was upstairs trying to get photos of this:

What is it you might ask? 

Well, my homegrown spritz that I talked about waay back here turned CoCoNuTTy HaiR MILK! 

In my last batch I'd used some coconut oil and a lil' too much fragrance.  So when it was half gone, I added some water, aloe juice and oil to muff the mangoey smell.  But there was still some space left, so I added more coconut oil and more coconut oil (not melted) in its original state, which looks like this:

And today, I was trying to soften the crunchies (remember from yesterday) so I was spritzin my 'fro and noticed the spray was not coming out generously and the little nozzle had white drippies.  So I opened it and saw this thick substance in there.  

I poured some out and almost jumped for joy.  I rubbed some through my hair...on my edges & put a lil' on my face (not too greasy at all). I am pleased as punch 'cause this will be perfect when I want to moisten dry hair for twists, braids, basicly any styling and I can put a butter or gel over it. LUUUV!

I threw a flower in today for it is Spring!

If you want to buy some, I bought Journey Hair Milk from SNBE and I remembered seeing it at these places too: BeeMine, Carols Daughter, Afroveda; I'm pretty sure all these vendors have butters inside theirs.  But for now I have my own mix, it's S&H Free and baby, that's alright with me.

When I try to duplicate this, I will jot down measurements to share, in case anyone is interested and needs specifics.

Deuces Ladies!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Fuzz Factor - a Lesson

I was going for a twist out. 

I washed with the Afroveda carrot shampoo bar - conditioned with VO5 & worked the Giovanni Leave In around in sections.

image from

For twisting, I used the REmix from this post along with my finally delivered Afroveda PurWhipped Hair Gelly. 

image from
Here is how my hair turned out.

I had to untwisted them more for volume.  I like my hair to frame my face.

Close up in some areas it was a bit fuzzy and definitely felt like a film of conditioner was left on my hair. Ew.

However, looking back those twist are DA BUSINESS and I was being waaaaay too hard on myself. 

I had a casual lunch date for the next day (about a possible job), so that nite, I REtwisted my whole head AGAIN.  This time using only the gelly (on top of the other stuff) in conjunction with my moisturizing spritz.  That gelly gives your hair sooo much slip, it felt soo nice and I had a lil' hangtime in my twists (don't hate). 

This is how Take 2 turned out.

Lessons Learned:
#1 I'm waaay too hard on myself
#2 I don't need the leave-in, shea-butter REmix and the Afroveda Gelly for my twist outs. The defintion was GRRRREAT but I didn't like the way it felt.
#3 I really like the slip from the Afroveda Gelly, (keep eye out for a cheaper, s&h FREE, replacement)

Goodwill Addiction

So, I go to my local Goodwill every Wednesday. 

But Saturday, I ordered some Chinese food and figured I'd wait it out at the Goodwill.  Well low and behold, they had a 52" flat screen (from Target, it still had the red stickers on it, it was originally priced at $1499;  marked down to $1199.)

Goodwill was selling it for $829.  It still had the film on the TV, everything was in the box.  It had never been used.

I got sooo excited, we don't have a flat screen (yet), but we deserve one!!!

So I phoned a few friends who I knew were in the market for new TVs, I knew they'd know the specs:
  • 1080p - check!
  • 60+Hz - check!
  • $829 - hmmm?
  • credit card - check!
I paced the floor, yes, no, maybe, figured I should sleep on it. 
Well, I chickened out.  My 1997 36' Panasonic still works and we are working on reducing our credit card debt so I left it. 
The next day, I sent the Hubbs back for this:

Guess how much?

$4.97 and it works!  I think it's about 30" or 32".  We needed another TV for a room we are trying to make functionable instead of having it piled up with junk.  You will see it in a post soon, hopefully. 

Are you putting on your shoes and headed to your local Goodwill?   I'm sure you won't regret it.

House Project #1

I saw this and saved the photo to my "Like" folder.

So, when I saw a similar dresser at the Goodwill for $14.97, I jumped on it.  I forgot to take a before picture, so try to imagine, the entire dresser like the top drawer on the photo below:

Lavendar and White.  Doesn't exactly fit my home decor.  But with a little spray paint and a few knobs, I made this:

I grabbed that lil' lamp at the Goodwill too ($3.97).  No where to plug it into, but thats our lil secret, shhhh.

This is at the bottom of our stairs, I need another can of spray paint to finish the inside of that first drawer but I was DYING to bring it in the house!!! 

The photos above it are coming down (oneday) and I'm thinking a mirror to go above it.  But thats waaaaaaaaay down on the list.  Who would've thunk right? 

I'm telling you, the Goodwill and a couple cans of spray paint are my new besties.

What do you think?  To see more inspiration check out these sets of sisters, they are both GURUS

Friday, April 23, 2010

I missed my Curlaversary :(

I thought it was April 27th, but it was April 20th. 

This was taken about a month after my BC (big chop) when I figured out how to WORK the IC fantasia gel (you smoooooooooooth your hair through your fingers)

I plucked a strand earlier this week and I measured in at 9.5 inches.  So its growing.  This next year will be the kicker to see if I can surpass my relaxed length.

Funny Fridays

They were discussing low riders jeans this AM on my local radio show and how some chicks thongs are revealed. 

The one guy thought these might be the hottest new thing to remedy that:

I'm gonna have to pass on the patch and the exposed thong.  No thank you very much.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today is Earth Day

image coutesy of

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.

So, for a second I had to stop and think about how I contribute to saving the Earth.  Here are few little things I do:
  • I started purchasing the fancy lightbulbs.  They are at the Dollar Store now.
  • I recycle
  • I’m planning to try homemade dish soap & homemade laundry soap (soon as what I have runs out). I priced the Borax over the weekend and it's about $4 a box. 
  • I bought foam soap pumps for the bathrooms. You can refill them using liquid soap, the foam uses about 15% soap and 85% water.  You do have to bite the bullet and buy the pump dispenser ($2.50 at Target).  I didn't measure when I refilled mine, but this blog has good photos and instructions. 
I read this quote once: “The more you know, the less you need.” Ain’t that the truth. 

What tip do you have that helps you to consume/use/buy less?  Please share.

image of courtesy of


3 times already...

I hope it’s ok if I dish here cause sometimes a gurls gotta vent.  I have been to this website at least 4-5 separate times over the past year. And at least 3x, same story.

Out of Stock for EVERYTHING!

If your demand increases, don't you adjust for that instead of closing the entire store?  Unacceptable for a business.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Curl World is FANCY!

I added a button!  If you like my blog and you want to link back to me, add my button on your page.

I went to to learn how to add it.  Here is the link with the instructions.  I needed complete silence to follow the instructions, 'cause I am a goober and almost always run into road blocks. 

You have to make the button first.  I made the button at (free),  using an image from the graphicsfairy (free), then I went to photobucket (free) to give the button the fancy code for blogger (free).

I am having some fun blogging!

A woman's home...

is like a dress she wears.  My neighbor shared that once to describe how a woman (vs. a man) feels about her home.  I so agree, but unfortunately I do not wear my home like a dress.

I am always taking pics in my bathroom, by that same door, lame, lame, lame because I'm always unsure about what will be in the background of my house that is a hot mess.  Don't worry, it's not unfit for habitation or anything, but we have some clutter concerns (eek!), bare walls (boring) and a few things that need a place so they can stop hanging about everywheres.

Oddly enough, I take alot of pride in what my family looks like when they walk out the door.  But now, in 2010, armed with some internet home bloggers, I feel like I can do the same behind the door. 

I am on a journey to turn my home into a cute, comfortable, casual Saturday dress.  Not a gown, not a pair of jeans, not business casual, not sexy or sleek - cute, comfortable and casual. 

So, coming soon, there will be some posts about prettying up your place on the cheap.  I luv coming home to a clean house, and it's about time it occurred more often.  I've had to cut back on fb, youtube and TV but in the end I think it will be worth it.

Do you puff?

I came up with the title yesterday and had to text it to myself so I wouldn't forget it.  I crack myself up sometimes.

Over the weekend, I checked in on a few of my hair style subscriptions. And this one, allthatsgold had a link to her blog,
I was there, doing the voyeur thing and I saw this:

image courtesy of
I luvd it so, I had puff envy!! (for like 20 secs). My twistout died on Monday, so I did a lil’ puffing of my own. It’s not quite as pouf and juicy as hers but it’ll do. Check out her blog, she’s young, her posts are short and she makes me smile with her positivity.

I need to learn to use the pantyhose as a twist-tie. That is one trick that is lost on me, I pull hairs everytime and it never gives me the POWWY WOWWY I'm looking to achieve. 

Oh, and while I was trying to get a photo of myself without pulling back at arms length, I designed a homemade tripod. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kindle, Schmindle…

images courtesy of, and

Kindle, Nook, iPad have you heard of these? I heard it was the HOT Holiday gift for 2009. All of these devices allow you to read books, magazines, etc on a screen.  I still don’t understand why you can’t just buy the dang book, these puppies start at $250 – say what!  (okay, okay they are probably a lot easier to carry)

Well today, Amazon sent me a link today to download FREE software to read books on my PC. I did the download just in case a book I want gives a courtesy chapter for free or something in the near future. I thought I’d share the link just in case anyone else is interested.

For now, I'm still getting my books at the library (FREE), thrift store (.50 or .75) and good old Barnes and Noble...with a coupon of course. 

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Creamy Cleaner on a dime

image courtesy of

What I'm making this weekend - Creamy Cleansing Cream

The Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream, retails at $15 for 8 oz (not including s&h).  I'm gonna give this copycat a try (thank you Newly Natural) - I have all 3 products here at home, won't cost me a dime.

But...say you have to run out and buy everything, YES you'd spend $15 but you'd have enough soap to mix up shampoo another 4x. (Fact Castile soap is versatile and has many uses.  To learn more, go here or here, so if it doesn't work for you, use it to do laundry, take showers or wipe down the counters.)  Can we move on?

Creamy Cleansing Cream - SLS free Shampoo
4 tbsp Castile Soap (Dr. Bronners is ez to find, they have this at my local Tarjay, $8)

Roughly 15 oz  - Inexpensive, co-wash type conditioner (VO5, Suave, etc, $2)
1 tbsp Olive Oil ($3)

If you're not good eyeballing it with these measurements, hit the Dollar Store for a measuring cups/spoon set ($1).  And guess what?  You are still under $15, use the change to get yourself something pretty. HA!

I will report back my findings. 

Extra Extra!!!

Over the past month, I received two emails about natural product lines with Exciting News!!!

{1} In March MissJessies announced they will be at your local Tarjay!  I think this is FABULOUS it will bring good hair products to the masses (hopefully).  Their products are a tad pricey, but that is where I started.  And I will say this, everytime I made a purchase direct or via - my goods were shipped in less than 48 hours.  I wish them luck and madd success!
image courtesy of

{2} Sweet Eddie by Nature is getting a store.  What What!!!  She is also working on expanding her product line through several distributors.  AWESOME!  I honestly thought about reselling Sweet Eddie and renaming my line, Lil Mama to cater to the kiddos.  But my heart was torn away to something else, coming soon! (with God's grace of course)
image courtesy of

Right now, I have one too many products to buy anything else.  But folks being able to grab and go something other than the BS at the corner store may encourage better hair care, yes?! 

I am so excited and proud for these Ladies, they make me proud to be a woman!  Go get 'em Yall!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tiff's Top Curly Tips, say that 5 times fast

Top Curly Tips
#1 Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.

Daily Moisturizer:
image courtesy of and

Get a spritz bottle and put some Luv in it. I’ve tried Oyin Juices and Berries ($11) and Sweet Eddie’s Growth Daily Moisturizer ($13.50). Both have a light berry scent and are great for daily spraying.

Leave In Moisturizer:
images courtesy of &

I’m not committed to any one Leave-In. I’ve tried Knot Today by Kinky Curly and Giovanni Leave In with success, I like them both. Giovanni gets more play cause it’s at my local Tarjay.  No s&h makes me happy.

Styling Moisturizer: Ditch the Blue Magic!!

image courtesy of and
Look for products with natural oils and butters.

Shea and Cocoa Butter are the most popular. As for oils, try jojoba (most like your hair’s natural oil) but you can use olive oil, right from your kitchen cupboard.
See what Chicora has to say about layering water, butters and oils effectively for GROWTH.

{2} Ditch the Sulfate in your Shampoo:

image courtesy of

Sulfates are listed as Sodium Laureth Sulfate/Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. They are degreasers and strip the oils, grease and gunk from your hair. You do want the gunk gone, but you need your natural oils to stay.
Find a happy medium.

{3} Always comb, detangle, brush the hair while it’s damp,  moist or wet.

{4} Be gentle to your hair, but especially to the ends.

The average person will grow 6 inches of hair per year. The key to growth is retaining the length, protect your ends with moisture and gentle caring. (:
Sometimes you may have to rewet your hair to minimize breakage. Invest in a spray bottle that will mist or try a hair milk product to dampen for combing and styling.

{5} Don’t break the bank.

image courtesy of
Your hair can be FAB on a dime. Spending more money does not always mean better products.  Do your research before you open your wallet.

Friday, April 9, 2010

{Do u use a Reader to subscribe to ur favorite blogs?}

Here's a few reasons why you should:

#1 They're free. Luv free stuff.
#2 They're simple to use.  Just like email, new ones are in bold. 
#3. You can leave stars and notes on stuff you'd like to come back and find easily.
(I'm sure there other sweet features even I don't know about.  Can you think of one, do tell...)

Google (I use this one), MSN, Bing (whoever they are these days), Yahoo, Mozilla...all offer RSS readers and I'm pretty sure they are all free.

Save your fingers from typing out the full address and free up your list of Favorites.  Start subscribing!


Sometime last Summer, after watching youtuber CoilsKinksCurls, I made a purchase from AfroVeda.

 I purchased the PUR Whipped Hair Gelly (8 oz, $12.50) and the Shea-Amla Whipped Butter Cream (8 oz, $12.50).

images courtesy of
The Gelly has a subtle vanilla scent. I luvd the gentle hold, sheen and sleekness it added to my tresses.

The Shea-Amla, I just couldn’t get into the smell, the scent is Frankincense and Myrrh.  I found myself not using it :(

Well, it’s been over 6 months and The PurWhipped Hair Gelly is GONE, all used up (BUY IT, U GOTTA TRY IT).  But I still had 90% of the Shea-Amla. Shoot, I was NOT about to throw it away,  not all that shea butta luvn.

[Enter Kitchen-technician]…I added about 4oz of Aloe Vera Gel, FOTE brand is alcohol free (I found it at Walmart with the lotion and sunscreen stuff).  I also added a few drops of spearmint oil. Blend. Blend. Blend it all together. I used my handmixer, it's a good 10 years old.

I used my Shea-Amla-Spear-Aloe for my last set of twists.  The Spearmint and Aloe muted the frankicensey smell and I really, REALLY like the consistency and the way it left my hair. Sorry no pic of current twists, but trust me, its shiny, soft and so gosh darn smooooooooooooth! Luvn it!

But as for the product, BOOTLEG IT. I like my kitchen blend better, but this is solely based on scent.  I just couldn't get past it.

One more thing: On 3/22 I placed a *NEW* order for the 16oz size of the Gelly and I wanted to try the carrot poo bar.  It was mailed on 3/31. 9 days to get in the mail, is that normal, average, satisfactory? I’m not sure I dig that, I personally think mail orders should be shipped in 7 days or LESS.