Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quick grabs..


The last time I wrote, I mentioned a new item..

PC070817Both of these items are under $5 each (at Tarjay).  Imagine that.

Hollywood Beauty, Olive Creme: I really really like the idea of a crème oil product as oil sits on my dry hair.  It never gets absorbed in, just wipes off on everything it touches.  Greasy and Gross.  However, this contains parabens, and I just learned that they are harmful carcinogens, dammit.  Seriously disappointed, I had already went back and picked up the Castor Oil Crème. 

Please explain how this is allowed from the FDA?  Makes me so mad, are they not PAID to protect the consumer.  sheesh.


The Organice Root Stimulator, Nature’s Shine: Is full of oils and a light scent.  I’m currently using this on my daughter after a shower (where she wets her hair).  Just a light mist before she goes to bed.  On other nights I’m applying a shea mix.  Her hair is dry and weak, it can’t tolerate my laziness so I’m trying to do better.

I’ve really been a lazy natural and a lazy everything else, but now since it’s cold out I’m trying to focus my energy on the remaining clutter and decorating. 

Right now, I’m working on this:


….hopefully I can share the finished product soon. 

Thanks for stopping in. (This jumping keyboard is working my nerves, definitely saving for the switch to Apple)


  1. LOL...Tiffany I've said it before and I will say it again, it is such a refreshing pleasure to visit your blog.... all the time. You are so funny, I always get a good laugh...I really love that. That is such a great quality you have, please dont lose that. There is such a need for laughter in the world these days :)

    on to your post...yes girl , PARABENS are evil stay far away from them . I just did a detailed post on parabens with a really good link attached.

    And your decor...love that and cant wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing, take care.