Thursday, December 30, 2010

Join me for a spin…through 2010


A recap through my mind and some of my blog posts..or intended posts.

#5 Know when to get help. 

Bloggers, Vloggers, have inspired me so much.  And not just on the outside or by increasing my credit card bill but on the inside.  I thank each of you for stopping by and reading my craziness and for posting yours.  Folks are reading, even if they can’t comment all the time.  I know I am! 

I’ve learned so much this year.  Money saving tricks.  Hair secrets.  Cleaning tips. Crafty tips. Designing tips. Gift ideas. The list goes on, I am thankful.

It’s a wonder I made it this long without bloggers!

#4 Sewing

Brother XL-3750


This was a resolution of mine for 2010.  I got a basic machine at Tarjay, took an inexpensive class and I haven’t looked back.  This hobby is saving me money on prettying up the house, things for my little girl and it helps me to relax when I feel stressed.  I have to jazz up my machine and give her a nickname, any suggestions?

Wanna feel like a champion? Get a hobby!  It can you give you peace of mind to master different techniques, confidence is a humdinger.  Trust me.

{If interested, start here – she makes it all seem sew simple.}

#3 Goodwill and Ebay = SCORE!


Depending on the item, you can get a sweet score from the Goodwill or Ebay and save yourself a few coins, coins you can use on more important things, like savings and hair products – heehee.

#2 - Less is More – (I’m talking clutter, not cash)

goodwill drop

This year I purged a lot, A LOT!  I don’t miss any of it and hope to loose even more stuff in 2011. Having less stuff has given me peace of mind, made me prouder of my home and it’s a  heck of a lot easier to find stuff.

#1 Be Joyful Always.  Pray continually. Give Thanks in all Circumstances.

We had an odd year here at our home.  Lots and lots of ups and downs, plot twists and turns, LOUD screaming matches, dark dark days and bright and clear nights.  I learned so much in 2010.  I feel like I grew up.  A light went on over my head and it’s been shining ever since. 

I am finally content, in everything.

I don’t have a need, only minor wants.  It’s a wonderful place to be.  Join me, today, happiness is a choice.

I wish you all a Healthy, Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!

Tiffany 2.011 coming soon, don’t change that channel!


  1. Love this post! So happy that you're in a good place. I am also on my way to contentment, and sewing has been a big part of that. Happy 2011!

  2. Great post and big congrats to you in all of your new found loves, hobbies and joys!

    I find gratitude to be the most enjoyable thing for me...its a let go and release feeling each..and every single day! I am truly grateful for that:)

    I have also taken sewing lessons. And, I often consider trying out what I've learned and putting it to the test. So, I can make me and my family some fabulous items:)

    I looove me some ebay( only gold ribbion sellers, though) I do alot of my vintage clothing shopping there...its on point.

    Enjoy Tiffany!:))


  3. OK, I see we share a love for Ebay. I have found all kids of hidden treasure for the low-low, everything from jewelry to textbooks to purses.

    And I admire you for learning to sew. I've been saying for years that I was going to teach myself and save money on clothing but, alas, I'm lazy lol

    As for a name for your baby, I suggest Rowena. I'm not sure why but it just seems to fit.