Thursday, December 23, 2010




My life this month has been a blur, both hectic and heavy.

My daughter turned 4 and then I lost my Mom to lung cancer, 10 days apart. Heavy.

I flat-ironed my hair for the funeral and I wanted to take a photo, but I can’t find my gosh dang memory card.  However, per my sister, I took a fashion risk and loss.  Gotta luv sisters, right? yeah, NOT so much…

We are home now and I am at peace that my Mom is no longer in pain. 

But I’m not here to bring you all down, remember this is my happy place.

So have a Merry, Merry Christmas!!! 

And might I suggest you begin a tradition with your family, for us, no gifts, but we enjoy each other with a seafood dinner and trying to cram in multiple movies at the theatre. (Double freeture)

This year, I want to add these to our Christmas tradition, for breakfast.  Don’t they look delish?

pioneer woman cinnamon rolls


Enjoy your holiday or maybe just some time off.

All the best - Tiffany


  1. A family tradition would be a wonderful idea. It's gotten to the point where it's all about presents and who got who what.

    It should be more about celebrating family and life.

  2. I truly send you my sincere condolences on the passing of your mom. I too lost my mom to lung cancer 15 years ago, its a super, I mean super hard thing to deal with.... the loss of a mom. There's no denying tiffany, you will have your ok times in the loss, and then you will have your not so good times.

    Even today 15 years later , me being the only child and being 22 years of age when she passed it was unbearable. And, today I continue to struggle with her loss.But, I have memories that are mine and mine to keep, ones that I cherish everysingle day. I know she continues to guide and lend me her strength. Memories, I share often with the grandchildren she never got to meet. So, hold on stay strong, and cherish your memories. Because, they belong to you and no one can take them from you:)


    There are many in my home. my family and I dont celebrate christmas, new years , etc either. My children dont trip because they understand and except their faith and the importance of it. We have tons of things we do as a family througout the entire year one big one is when our beloved eid holidays roll around. My children and enjoy this time together each and everytime! traditions are great and very important. Traditions goes right along with those everlasting memories I just spoke of, its things like traditions, etc that we are left with when we miss our loved ones.

    take care.


  3. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that you will feel some peace. We enjoy cinnamon rolls every Christmas yummy. We also make gifts for each other, which is a lot of fun.