Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Have you ever, clicked and clicked and clicked and then you can’t even remember where you started?

I read this tonight and knew for sure I was exactly where I needed to be…

But sometimes it’s nice to be reminded – ‘the pretty pretty is not real life’  Luv the simplicity in those words.


  1. Yep. That's why I blogged about finally cleaning my fridge for the first time in a year. It's easy when looking at pretty pictures to forget what real life is.

  2. Thanks for sharing that link! Great post and it made me feel better about the mess surrounding me right now since we just got back into town and have tons of unpacking to do! Thanks for the sweet compliment tonight. I always love hearing from you. Have any pics yet of the dresses/skirts you've made your daughter?

  3. Hey there Ms. Tiffany,

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