Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don’t cry for me…

Hey, Me again, 3 in 1 night,

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching (the shops have the trees, wrapping paper and ornaments out already!) 

I wanted to make a quick announcement that we Christmas Spirithere at The Curl World do not celebrate Christmas in the “traditional” way.  (If you want to read more about this I’ll give details at the bottom)

Anyhoo, we do use this time of year to Give Thanks and share in the Season of Giving.

So you might see a post or 2 about inexpensive gift ideas/suggestions for those wonderful people who touch our lives and deserve a special token of appreciation.

Idea #1

Amazon.com Trade-in buys movies.  You can use these dollars at Amazon to get stuff and get rid of movies you no longer watch. Hello? This is genius!  Now is a great time to get started so you can have the funds in time for holiday spending:)  ‘cause according to ebay.com, there are on 53 days remaining!!


Still here, wanna know why no Christmas? What’s the matter with me?  To put it simply, The Hubbs was raised with an Islamic background and never celebrated Christmas (he turned out ok).  Early on in our relationship it was something we discussed and agreed upon.  We are not anti-Christmas, we simply do not exchange gifts in our home.  We do however have our own tradition for Christmas day, we bake cookies for our neighbors, we hit the movies for as long as we can stand it and we close out the day with a big seafood dinner.  Good Times :)   Both of my boys did have one year when they just didn’t get why NOT (around age 8 or 9), but now they just look forward to the time off from school.   We hugg them more to make up for it :)


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  1. Cool.... you may not know but my family and myself are muslims. And do not recoginize nor celebrate christmas as well. We do however have a blast when eids ( islamic holidays)twice a year come around, my children love it!
    Lots of gifts, great meals, great times spent with family and friends. Its a great time for us :))

    Great post ! Thanks for sharing this with us. Take care.