Monday, November 1, 2010

Crinkle cut?

fromfront nov1 I tried a braid out over the weekend.  Turned out really cute, today was day one and it has lots of body and hang-time.  I did this on towel dried hair.

side shot nov1

Shampoo: Mystery concoction to use up old products

Conditioner: Moisture Maniac (just ok for the price)

Styling agent: Knock-off Afroveda

And don’t forget, voting is taking place all across America.  Make yours count and encourage 3 others to do the same.  God Bless the US!




  1. Your hair looks super cute! :). Take care.


  2. Your hair came out really nice. Love the post on your boys they are adorable.

  3. Hi There, Your hair looks great. I Just found your blog and am enjoying it! I'm a natural hair crafting mama (and my name is Tiffany)too.