Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Inspiration Nation

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Has your life changed by blogging or bloggers?

Are you inspired or envious?

I have a friend who would get kinda blue (or green with envy, whatever you prefer) when I’d send her new stuff I found on blogs.

I would have the opposite reaction {mostly}…. I found:


Bloggers/blogging has awakened me to so many new things.  I enjoy it so much, I’ve learned so much!

And mostly I’ve just been inspired to change my bad habits, share my good ones and learn a lot.

But trust, I’ve had those moments of envy…super cute hair, great style, house neat as a pin, banging blog, yep, I’ve envied them all.

…and you what, I had to delete those subscriptions.  I don’t want to lurk, I want to comment and applaud your successes, and if I don’t get warm and fuzzy feelings, I shouldn’t be subbing, so I let them go.  It’s better for both of us.

I said all that to say: Read blogs that INSPIRE you to become a better you, not make you feel inadequate. 

Peace n Luv.



  1. I LOOOOOOVE IT! :))))) . you hit it right on the nose, can I link this to you because I feel the very same way. and you have those who really, really need to read, hear and understand fully what is being said "INSPIRE" Thank you...thank you...thank you.

    Take care.


  2. One more thing Ms have truly be inspring ! and I applaud you for that. Keep on inspiring others like me, keep up the terrific work :)

  3. I've been inspired by YouTube. Or, more accurately, subscribers whom I've been able to help on YouTube.

    Hair is such a big issue (to some) in our community. If I can inspire/lead/offer information to even one person about the care and appreciation of natural hair, then I'm happy :-)

  4. So true tiffany! However, I always find inspiration, envy also catapults me into being better lol. Everyone has their own streak and that's what I love.

    I love your writing style so simple and to the point. I need to work on that. You are truly a great writer because your sense of humor makes it feell ike you are right here talkin to me. lol love ya!

  5. @zainba1: Please share and thanks for the luv.
    @nappy headed black girl: youtube is where I got my hair inspiration.
    @Hell Notes for Beauty: I do agree, there is an envy that "inspires" you to get it done. Point taken.

  6. Agreed. Life is too short to feel inferior, when truly you're not. Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner. I'm excited to see what kinds of things you're cooking up over here!

  7. I've read posts with this same idea, but never put as simply and clearly as you just said it. Hmmm...inspiration versus envy. It's a great point. Pretty sure we all get a tinge of the envy sometimes. I do. Then I slap myself and remember that's a waste of my thoughts and energy. I sure do love all the inspiration, though. It's like I have a billion friends who I can learn from. Great post.

  8. Very good point! Thanks for the reminder.