Friday, October 29, 2010

I have boys too..


They are dressed as evil twin brothers (fyi – boys stop smiling at around 9)

I feel like I leave them out sometimes, I rarely show them luv here, but I do luv them immensely.  They are a challenge!

Kadir (taller than him Momma at 14, his name is Arabic for capable) and Khari (born with compassion many will never know is 11, his name is Swahili for Kingly).

Strong names with character, for the strong men they are destined to become (no choice in the matter)

That’s the fam.

We’ll get back to hair soon :)


  1. So very handsome ! Love both their names strong with character :) tAKE CARE.


  2. Your boys are REALLY handsome. Really. I love names that mean something, too.