Thursday, October 14, 2010

32 followers and I need a disclaimer!



I was toying around in blogger tonight and clicked on stats (first time EVER).  That’s where I noticed I’ve been getting traffic from bitchielife. Huh? Whut? Huh?

So I click on the link, and see Jill.  Damn.  Like she needs this crap.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen that picture (I grabbed from a friend’s facebook) posted on another blog in not the most positive light.  (At least this one did link back)

I feel like $#%!  I was not talking junk on her, I was just saying I noticed it.  And in hindsight, how the hell do I know she didn’t get her hair pressed? I don’t!  UGH!


No, Whoopi, IT IS NOT JUST YOU!!!

In kinder, gentler news. I also got lots of POSITIVE traffic from here.

I had to share, but yo, that is how rumors get started. 

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