Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When life gives you lemons…

Make lemonade!

And when life gives you so-so product, ROCK IT OUT! don’t throw it out.

I read in the blogosphere that the PH level on the afroveda brand Carrot Seed Shampoo bar was wonkyy.  And being in a recession, I thought, OH HELLS NAW!! 

Ok, I really just thought, “Shoot, I don’t want to throw this out, hmmpt”

So, I put it in a takeout food container and covered it in water like I do black soap to see if it would liquefy.  I left it in there for a good week or two.  Upon inspection when I returned it was nice and pliable, so I smooshed it down to knock out the big chunks and then I ran it through the mini chopper.


Once done, I followed the recipe I talked about here.

P9050496 I used the blended carrot seed shampoo instead of the castile soap, added to the conditioner and Voila! Shampoo…again?

P9050498I shook it up and around to get the shampoo spread throughout. 

I used this on Sunday, here’s my review:

- It doesn’t generate much lather at all

- Requires you to use a lot of product to wash your hair {good thing it’s cheap}

I still have plenty of the blended shampoo left to last me a bit though :) 

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