Tuesday, September 21, 2010


..with recipes this month! 

They are all working on the first try, imagine that!  Ah-mazing (especially considering I muck stuff up).

This one is NOT hair related, it’s sorta like Febreze but far less ingredients and you prolly have the stuff to make it at home.  I’ve actually seen two over the last month, one here another here

But I think she put it best – if your nose goes into sneezing fits with over-the-counter cleaning agents and fabric fresheners, you should definitely try this:

diy febreze

My bottle is considerably smaller than hers, but this was pretty tough to mess up.

  • distilled water (90%)
  • alcohol (9.9%)
  • your favorite essential oil (i’ve tried both sweet orange ($4) and peppermint ($8) – but not together)

Put them all together and squirt the house down!

I mist the sofas, carpets, curtains on a weekly basis and I have YET to sneeze.  The smell  dissipates - (fancy word right, nothing but the best here at curlworld, ha!) – fairly quickly.  But the room will smell great.

Take care.


  1. LOL this is so funny I make this all the time...I see great minds thinm alike :)

    Take care

  2. That was the word dissipitate! It's not overwhelming at all! Great post!