Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodwill treasures

I forgot to show you all what I scored at the Goodwill..


This dresser went in my son’s room, REAL wood, deep drawers… $20 can’t beat that!


This little nightstand/table, it goes a little above my knee, $6.97.  It’s at the bottom of the stairs for candles, lightbulbs, flashlight, etc.  I also added a tray for my keys and the mail.  I may paint it one day, but no hurry.

P8030389I don’t remember the price on this magazine/book holder but definitely under $5 AND they still sell it new in Target!  (fyi…My local Goodwill gets all the Target scratch and dents)


I luv the color on this one, $10, also wood.  I don’t luv the handles, remind me of a smiley face, weird?  This is in our extra junky room, I have a drawer for gift wrap, sewing stuff, my daughters coloring books, school supplies, etc.  Just one big place to house several junk drawers.  (You like how I cleaned up for the photo-op, NOT, I keeps it reals.)

P8030390 This lamp, can I tell you how much I luv it, maybe $4.97.  I did get the lamp shade separate, for about $2-3 bucks more, I can’t remember.  This lamp really added some luv to our family room.  Who would’ve thunk it.  But if you look in your home catalogs, peep how there is always a lamp in the room, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, lamps, lamps, lamps!  They make the room more comfy?  I don’t know why but trust me, it works, try it!


Yup, more lamps. 

First, the tall white one, I got both the base and the shade for $5, but I can’t fall in luv with the shade.  So, it’s sitting around waiting for a home.

The second, I got two of the bases for the bedroom.  The shades I got on clearance at Target for $7.48…I ended up taking them back, haven’t found the perfect shade yet..  But one day, I might even spray paint the base, fun fun fun.

And my biggest score yet, drumroll………………….


remember this pic of the kiddos…well look waaaay in the back, we gots a flat screen TV from Goodwill!  Seriously, no BULL!!  It’s a 42” inch Sony Bravia, previously a Target floor model, guess how much?

wait for it………….

$249.99!  It’s either a 40” or a 42” inch, not exactly sure, but I was sold on the price, Sony will run you some good money. 

So, there you have it and that is only about 1/2 the stuff I grabbed.  I overdid it in some areas too, so take a list and buy only what you need.  I will probably have to donate all the stuff I’m not using right back to them.  I’ve also Craiglisted some of the  extra furniture I over purchased, most of it sold and turned a profit, I only have one extra piece that didn’t.  The trick is to price it to sell, get your money back and get it out of your house.

Oh well, that’s me and my Goodwill. 

Clean house 2010 still in full effect….90+ days to go.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. You go girl!!...Love all that you brought , especially the lamps, thanks for sharing w/ us

    take care :)


  2. Whoah! Those were some amazing deals. We have D.I. instead of Goodwill here and frankly it's not nearly as good. I'm jealous of your rockin' deals. Way to go!

  3. WOW! You found so many amazing pieces of furniture! I absolutely love the baby blue one, I can't believe it was only 10 dollars, that is crazy!!!

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